TiL: Units Need to be 2 Stars or Higher to Participate in Conquest

Went to start working on the Torn Apart feat and was very baffled at my KRU not being selectable. Eventually, one of my guild mates pointed out that if you scroll through the feats on the Conquest nodes it says that units have to be 2+ stars to participate.

Just in case anyone else who's barely ever touched their free starter KRU gets confused.


  • He is a 2 star unlock, isn't he?

    That being said, I'd be interested in hearing how you plan to get your barely touched KRU to survive. I have no idea how I'm going to get my 'moderately touched' KRU to live through a battle.
  • I_JnK_I
    208 posts Member
    he is 1 star unlock actually.

    To OPs question: Conquest has a threshold (i think) of GP that makes characters available for conquest
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