New game mode

Hey , was thinking about this older EA game I played before SWGOH

“Heroes of dragon age”

There u have a team of 4 combined with a larger beast.

Would be nice to have something similar in SWGOH with mounts and vehicles.

Like for example:
-bounty hunters with Boba on his rancor
-stormtroopers with Dewback or speeder
-droids with spider droid or speeder
-clones with Walker
-Tuskens with bantha
-Grievous or Maul on there speeders
-Obi Wan on his lizzard
-Han Solo on Tauntaun


  • Ultra
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    CG did want to introduce vehicles for years
  • We can battle against an ATST but that's the closest we get to vehicles. I would live vehicles and mounts though. Small medium and large is all we need small 1 per spot 5 total. Medium 2 spots, basically 2 on your field. Large 4 spots. But the camera would have to be widen out to make room for all of them. Given your example I would say.

    -bounty hunters with Boba on his rancor- medium or large
    -stormtroopers with Dewback or speeder- small
    -droids with spider droid or speeder- small or medium
    -clones with Walker- which walker? Can be all sizes
    -Tuskens with bantha- small
    -Grievous or Maul on there speeders- small
    -Obi Wan on his lizzard- medium( its a big lizard called a varactyl)
    -Han Solo on Tauntaun- small

    Atst medium empire and rebels
    The walker in rebels is small.
    Speeder with gun small
    Snail droid medium
    Snowspeeder small
    AtM6 technically huge
    ATAT Large
    Atact large
    the list goes on.
  • Nauros
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    It would be nice to have vehicles in some way, but two things speak against it. First, see how they handled ships. Another poorly implemented knockoff mode wouldn't help anything. Second, the game seems to be in autopilot mode now. Fat chance of getting significant additions...
  • Looooki
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    Vehicles/ tanks as boss battles would be good. But as a squad arena type game is hard to implement and balance.

    I mean deploying a separatists tank into DSTB would be fun, but how would the balance be like ?

    Same for the ATST for LSTB (Unless the Geos / sniper droid can one shot an ATST then I would be ****)
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