I feel that the creativity in data disks from CG is lackluster

There's a couple interesting ones, but I find the vast majority create similar effects or just boost stats. But imagine if there was a data disk that lets you use two leaders, or a data disk that brings a sixth team member. Even if those would require a lot of slots 6+, it would be fun to theory craft. How about if your characters can ignore taunt. Or a Chimera like ult after so many turns. I'm just saying they could make the game mode more interesting. Instead we get to see potency calibration and insatiable for over a year.

Any hypothetical data disks you think would be interesting?


  • It would be an amazing and enjoyable game mode if they'd make data discs that would reduce ability cooldowns, that would be a ton of fun!

    It would also make for better theorycrafting and variety if they made some that allowed your team to start the battle with bonus %TM, or at least bonus protection, so that you could actually bring teams that aren't GLs (or have absurd Rebel/Rex start of battle TM) into battle in the later sectors and be more than target practice for over prepared XVIII teams.
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