Datacrons - 2 Month Review from a average long term player

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Just so you know my account I am a former guild leader of a top 50 guild with a 9m+ GP account who has been playing since just after launch. I would classify myself as a collector type who enjoys PvE more the PvP but still manages to stay in Kyber 1 (most of the time).
So onto Datacrons. Overall I think Datacrons give an interesting way to push different teams to the forefront and stop PvP getting stale without having to constantly add new lifters for factions which isn't sustainable to do quickly and starting to scrape the barrel of characters available (looking at you Jar Jar :wink: )
Now for a review of the 1st two sets
Mental load. The speed of the datacron sets where now we have to deal with 3 sets and next month we will have to deal with not only a new set but also losing an old set means the mental load, especially on TW officers who have to do this 50x for a guild, is going to be extreme. My personal suggestion would be to move to either a 4 or 6 month cycle with new datacrons being released every other month. This would mean that we have either 2 or 3 sets live but have time to get to grips with them and establish counters that then don't get obliterated by the time we actually want to use them
Stat Boosts. Okay I think it is clear that some of the stat boosts are just insane like getting 400% health steal. Just calm the heck down and ask whether you would put that ability on a character let alone an entire team. The same is absolutely true for +25% TM. Now if you had given that as a faction bonus at +5/10% it would be a nice bonus without cross the insanity threshold. This also has the potential to disrespect peoples investments in mods.... Oh, you really focused on great mods, well bad luck, this team gets +25tm boost, huge damage, and will kill yours before you get a turn. Doesn't sound great does it?
New Character/Team boosts. By boosting new teams (Inquisitors) or characters (Malgus) immediately we don't have any way of assessing them without boosts. At least give us a month or two of actually playing them to see what they are like. Otherwise at the end of the boost the crash down to reality is going to be extreme and you will definitely get more complaints (than normal).
Mixed Factions. By only allowing LS/DS on Level 3 this means that teams like Scoundrels, Bounty Hunters or Mandalorians that are mixed are never going to get the full benefit. It would be good to stop handicapping these teams permanently.
Relic 3 Cap. I completely understand why you have the caps as they are. However this immediately locks out a lot of mid game players who don't have fully reliced teams everywhere. These same players are also likely to be on one of the journeys to a GL or Legendary which means they don't feel able to just suddenly drop relics on a random team. My suggestion would be either to change Level 1/2 to R0 so that more people can use them. Or alternatively only apply the boost to characters in the team that meet the R3 requirement. Whilst this will increase the mental load it will also broaden the appeal of datacrons to a wider community.
Overall I am good with datacrons. I am happy with the speed I am getting them (as I play Conquest hard) and am getting enough as F2P that I don't feel significantly disadvantaged. The potential for them is great.
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  • Did you mean PvP? I don’t see how datacrons keep PvE from getting stale.
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    Looooki wrote: »
    TLDR... Learn to read
    You can't review Datacrons in 2 words unless you are an ignoramus.

    Ah so that's why most reviews here say "this sux".
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  • Datacrons are op, but even if u r f2p (speaking from experience) you can match the enemy with your own. Just like GLs can be countered, so can datacrons.
  • Datacrons are op, but even if u r f2p (speaking from experience) you can match the enemy with your own. Just like GLs can be countered, so can datacrons.

    Not if you're a f2p who usually matches up against whales.

    Even if they can be "countered", they're just not fun (opinion) and I don't like what they've done to PvP balance (also opinion). Others may feel differently, of course.
  • Looooki wrote: »

    Sucks for TW
    Sucks for "mental"
    Character selection sucks
    Stats suck
    Sucks for mixed teams
    Relic 3 cap sucks

    (Their opinion, not mine, though they are completely right on the mixed teams)
  • DCs are too overpowered and have completely taken over the game. it's no longer about what teams + mods you have; the only thing that matters is if your opponent whaled on lvl9 dcs. especially in kyber 1/2 where everyone's roster is pretty much the same, whaling on dcs is insta-win.
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