New-ish and looking for some team advice

My current LS team is Old Ben, JKA, GM Yoda, Ahsoka Tano, and Ezra. Currently level 67 with those characters at GL7. I’m starting to think I’m going to need a replacement for Ahsoka and maybe Ezra? But I’m not sure. I do like both of their remove buff abilities and ezras call ally but idk if they’re up for higher level stuff


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    Well.............the good news is, they're all usable characters; no matter how high you go. You'll find that batch useful.

    However, as a team.......there's no totally awesome leader. For a jedi team though, you have some of the punchiest characters as you can get.

    I think Bastila Shan, would totally revamp your team for you. Her leadership is very very good, and she can also work very well with Yoda. She buffs Yoda, then Yoda buffs the whole team. With how hard your punchers hit..............they'll do scary damage!

    After that Jedi Knight Revan isn't 'that' hard to get. Once/If you get him, well you're talking about 'elite' level teams.

    Long term though. You have to consider Legends......or even though they seem a distance away Galatic Legends now. If you don't start preparing for them, you'll be left behind once you hit a million or so.

    Ezra for example is useful for getting Emperor Palpatine and Thrawn.

    Anyway, I urge you to start thinking long term.
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