Dev Insight: Skiff Guard (Lando Calrissian)

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[Kit Reveal - Dev Insight ]

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Skiff Guard (Lando Calrissian), who went undercover in Jabba's palace to help save Han, is coming to the holotables!

Add Skiff Guard (Lando Calrissian) to your roster by unlocking him in the all-new “GUARD DUTY” Marquee event!

The Basics:
  • Light Side, Attacker, Hutt Cartel, Scoundrel, Smuggler
  • Lando works best in both Hutt Cartel and Scoundrel factions
  • Will synergize well in a squad with the new Galactic Legend Jabba the Hutt (coming soon)
  • Defense Penetration helps Lando do consistent damage

Unique Attributes:
  • His ability Covert Coordination gives bonuses to characters based on if the target is Dark Side, Light Side, or Hutt Cartel. This distinction represents his dual role as a Skiff Guard for Jabba and a spy for Luke and crew as they rescue Han
  • Granted Ability - Hutts Favor: Damage dealing based around Lando’s Max Health and the amount of debuffs the target has, plus more!
  • Has the ability to give Armor Shred through Deep Cover

  • Kit design is focused around Lando acting as an undercover agent, infiltrating Jabba's palace and blending in as one of Jabba's Skiff Guards.
  • Being undercover he doesn’t have the Rebel faction tag, and while he’s still light-side aligned, he needs to sell his loyalty to Jabba through his actions by working directly alongside him.
  • Our first Return of the Jedi 40th Anniversary Celebration Character
  • We already have Lando from Episode 5 and Younger Lando from Solo - both of these characters really hone in on the "Gambler" aspect of Lando's character. We wanted to do something different with Skiff Guard (Lando Calrissian) - his two new buffs, Deep Cover and Trusted Agent, really play on his undercover nature, and can assist allies from both Light and Dark sides.
  • Unlike the other two Landos, our Skiff Guard (Lando Calrissian) is a Strength based character instead of Dexterity. This was inspired by his ability to hold on tight and keep himself from getting eaten in the Great Pit of Carkoon - as we saw in The Book of Boba Fett, those tentacles are pretty impressive!

Strategy Tips:
  • One of the main goals for this kit is to get 5 stacks of Deep Cover to earn Hutts Favor which allows him to attack again whenever he uses a basic attack.
  • Mod Suggestions - Critical Chance/Offense, Offense/Health

Is this unit required to unlock Galactic Legend Jabba the Hutt?
Yes, he’s the second of three new Marquee characters needed to unlock the newest GL
What Relic level will he be required for Galactic Legend Jabba the Hutt?
Relic 5

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