Game Center being logged out [MERGE]



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    Had it happen multiple times yesterday
    Forget the gear crunch, why can't we sim the Sith raid yet?
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    Now it’s not even letting me log back in
  • sigsig
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    I'm on a mesh network wifi and I don't have the issue unless I go outside (my video calls are also bad out there). Do you find it happens in specific locations in your house?
  • Nope just happened randomly today since logging in the last time around 4pm cst I haven't been logged out again. Others in my guild said they were experiencing the same thing last night but haven't had issues since. Don't know if something in the background of the game is triggering it but I was in my office space all day and only had issues for a short amount of that time.
  • I haven’t downloaded iOS 15.6 yet and haven’t had any trouble. This probably doesn’t help anyone, but it may be relevant to someone who knows about tech 🤷‍♂️
  • It is not just poor internet connection. It’s when turning on Airplane Mode too. Obviously that scuffs your internet connection. That’s actually the point.

    The app used to handle it more gracefully, allowing you to battle to Victory, at which point you turn off Airplane Mode and let it register your win, or Defeat, where you then Force Close so you don’t preload TM. Now Airplane Mode is often instant Defeat with Preloading, as Game Center borks immediately.
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