Rancor and AAT sim should always drop top tier rewards.

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In my opinion, there is no reason why we're getting the purple box, we already have discussed this in the megathread regarding CG's gear promises... There's basically almost nothing gear 7-8-9-10 and 11 characters are good for... The requirements for everything these days are basically gear 13 and usually relic 3 minimum. The power creep is too huge, gear 12 characters even feel paper thin against relic 5 and above characters. I'm losing gear 12 characters in a couple hits from a high relic character, meanwhile my characters are barely scratching them.

For anyone who's still in denial, gear 12 are barely usable, gear 11 and bellow is essentially useless. With that said, there's no reason we should be stuck to gear 8-9 for weeks at a time due to lack of raid gear, carbantis, stun guns, stun cuffs, syringes, etc... This gear should be a lot easier to farm for new and old players. Yes even new players should be able to enjoy the game and access some of the end game tier in the various events.

You can still make plenty of money off of relics and datacrons, as well as marquee events and higher tier gear. I thought that was the purpose of kyrotechs? Remember when you said that all those years ago?

So please, do us a favor and at least let us feel a little bit excited for the raid rewards. It should be at least 1 full raid piece per raid and there's no excuse as to why that's not happening
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    AAT rewards need completely revamped. Even the full gear pieces it can offer are pretty much useless after a while.
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    The rewards are not only geared towards end game players though. Is there value there for players/guilds just reaching those raids? Maybe not…that was a l long time ago for me. Can anyone comment who is just getting there?
    Maybe one a guild reaches a certain number of victories the best prize box is guaranteed?
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    I am curious, how many times must a guild clear HAAT for the sim option to become available?
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    I am curious, how many times must a guild clear HAAT for the sim option to become available?

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    My problem is that I think that you should always effectively tie for 1st place for the Quests that require you to finish in the top 10/3/1. With 50 people in the guild, on AVERAGE it takes 6 months to get a single 1st place finish with HAAT (~4 months with Rancor). But RNG being what it is, some people will pick it up in the first week and others might literally wait 3 years. It's a bad system.

    If you have the raid toon at 7* then every sim you participate in after that should be the same as finishing first for purposes of the quests. I can't ask my guild to take the thing off sim just for me. They don't even have to recode the raid rewards. They can instead handle it on the Quest side, making it EITHER a first place finish OR having 7* raid toon + a sim.
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