Tired, Need a change from Competitive?


If you need a change from the grind of a competitive guild. If you are looking for a more flexible group that understands that people also have real lives to contend with, give us a try. We know that you will like it.

We are in need of players that truly want a chill Casual Guild where they can grow, participate, and gain regular rewards. If you have Officer experience or if you are communicative and have a solid understanding of the game we can help you become an officer.

GP: 170M+
Territory Battles:
- Hoth LS: 39 ⭐️
- Hoth DS: 38 ⭐️
- Geo DS: 16 ⭐️ (20+ Wat)
TW Record 27-19
Guild reset: 6:30 EST

- Discord preferred
- 2Mil+ GP minimum (exceptions are case by case)
-Wat ready geos (or a willingness to work on them)
- SWGOH.GG account
- Daily 400+ tickets

A good mixture of newer players and long-time players that advise and help build your roster.

We are a guild for players from all levels!
We are part of the LCW Alliance and can easily help people relocate if needed.

Recruiting: BigPop




  • We need people that want to get away from the grind and play on relaxed terms!!!
  • Still looking for some great people that want to be part of a change and hang casual! Check us out Today!
  • Well hello Summertime Wilderness buffs,... Camping Season is Over! If you need a change, we have 2-3 spots open for anyone that wants to join a great group of people that you can help make a difference! Yes friend,.. you could be that Hero!!!! Check us out today!
  • Welcome, welcome, welcome,... we have an immediate opening for 2 and would take The time to make a couple extra positions available. We want people that want to be casual and that participate. People wanting to step down and enjoy the game and help others, we need you!!!Officer Experience?? We need you!!!
  • Any Tired Players looking for a change? Want to be a part of a fresh start and help build anew?
  • Need a change, want something different, would you like to be a part of something that you can help shape? Always looking for the right person that can really make a difference!
  • Long story short,... we have 2 spots open and if you are reading this, one of those spots has your name on it! Let’s go!!!
  • Pick up a couple,..,, and a couple move on to Advance to a guild within our Alliance. We hold no warrior back! (Part of the LCW Alliance) Check us our today!
  • One of the Best Casual Guilds around. Dare to compare!! 2 spots currently open, always willing to look at more for Select Individuals.
  • Here we are,.. spots open and always looking to accommodate!!!
  • We are looking for those that want a change! You can be a Rockstar at your own pace! Check us out today!
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