(UPDATED) Top 5 Best Characters (video)

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My second Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes video

Top 5 best characters for level 80

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  • I am only active playing with one of those characters cheers to the new meta.
  • Arube
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    Lots of editing must have gone in that video.
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  • Your assuming the new update won't change the meta much.
  • Arube wrote: »
    Lots of editing must have gone in that video.

  • The beginning of an international video-maker. This is live-history folks.
  • For those that don't care to watch this kindergarten powerpoint:
    RG, Rey, Yoda, GS, QGJ. In other words, @DolphinGames arena team. I wouldn't consider GS the second best character in the game, or even top 10. He's a one-trick pony, simply easy to acquire.
  • That it? No explanation? How can we know which character will be good at lvl 80 if they are completely reworking the game in the huge "balance" update later this week, with a special protection thingy assigned to each character? And how can we know which character will be most advanced, having in consideration the guild rewards and what we will be able to upgrade? Questions Questions... but don't worry, this video answers it all ;)
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