10 Ships we could see Post-Profundity

1. Luke Skywalker's X-Wing

Please CG, add Luke's X-Wing. Red 5 is still standing by for its debut on the Holotables. Could be a Legendary Event, requiring an Empire fleet to unlock.

Potential/Definite Pilots: Commander Luke Skywalker, R2-D2

2. Tantive IV

Another iconic Rebel ship. Would keep the Rebel fleet alive long enough to carry out a Diplomatic mission and turn the tide of battle.

Potential/Definite Pilot: Princess Leia

3. Alpha-3 V-Wing Interceptor, Droid Tri-Fighter, TIE Dagger, Rebel and Resistance A-Wings

The addition of the TIE Interceptor Prototype has opened the hangar doors for more Interceptor-class ships to be added. Fragile, yet fast and dealing decent damage with high evasion.

Potential/Definite Pilot: None (Except for TIE Dagger, which would have Sith Trooper)

4. Havoc Marauder

The Bad Batch- Season 2, is coming out some time this year, and this ship would be the first since 2017 to require three crew members.

Potential/Definite Pilots: Hunter, Tech, Wrecker

5. Nubian Yacht

A Super Shiny Ship that would be a great asset to a Galactic Republic fleet.

Potential/Definite Pilots: Padme Amidala, C-3PO

6. Invincible

A Defensive Option to the more Offensive Malevolence.

Potential/Definite Fleet Commander: Admiral Trench

7. Endar Spire

An Old-Republic Capital Ship that can boost Ebon Hawk and unused Jedi ships.

Potential/Definite Fleet Commander: Bastila Shan

8. Ravager

A Sith Capital Ship that can deprive enemy ships of their health.

Potential/Definite Fleet Commander: Darth Nihilus

9. Iden Versio's TIE Fighter

Since Iden Versio has been in the game for months now, her ship would be greatly appreciated, and could be the Empire's equivalent to Anakin's Eta-2 Starfighter.

Potential/Definite Pilot: Iden Versio

10. Rogue Shadow

From 'The Force Unleashed'; would be more conquest-worthy than the TIE Interceptor Prototype and have something that ships haven't seen before; instant defeat.

Potential/Definite Pilot: Starkiller
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