Update 8/31

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Hello Holotable Heroes!

In this week's update we are excited to bring to you Admiral Raddus’ Capital Ship, Profundity! There is a new Omicron going on Savage Opress and a sale on the Hyperdrive bundle coming up!

Hyper Drive Bundle Link: HERE
Profundity Link: HERE
Savage Opress Link: HERE
Datacron Set 4 Link: HERE
Datacron set two's end date has been moved from 10/03 to 10/05 to accommodate the GAC Schedule
Profundity and Datacron Set 4 bundles in store now!

  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue with the Separatist modifier not applying to summoned units
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue where Ben Solo would not be summoned in certain Conquest nodes

GENERAL - Treasure Node Updates

We have adjusted Treasure Nodes to make it easier to find where to go to get specific materials.

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