Known Issue: Mod Inventory

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Hello Holotable Heroes,

We are aware some folks are experiencing their unequipped mods are missing, the team is looking into it and we will update this thread as we have more information. Thank you.


1. Your Mods still Exist
2. Force Close game and see if it fixes for you (If not see 3)
3. We're shooting to get a server release tomorrow that will fix issue

Note: If you were affected by this, you are still free to farm mods, they will be updated during the fix

GAC and Guild events will not be impacted by the "Disappearing Mods" but in other locations the game will act as if you have no mods.

NOTE: If you're an affected player, If you can see equipped mods , and try to unequip, you will hit the error and after reboot, the client will update it's view and show that there were no mods equipped. The old mods equipped and not, are still there in the main inventory, just not visible.

Tomorrows fix will correct this
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