TW Matchmaking has been trash

While I recognize its an automated system, it needs a revamp somehow. My guild is around 260m gp with 35 total GLs (of varying stages of development) and yet somehow the system keeps pitting us against 300m+ guilda with 70+ GLs. It makes it impossible to actually pull off a fair fight and strategize agaisnt such a large opponent. If it happened even half as much as it actually does, it'd be an improvement. But in the last 3-4 months (at least) we've had upwards of 4 fights we could actually win due to a closer range of of just GLs alone.

TW matchmaking needs to be revisited as the overall meta changes. GP alone is an awful metric to measure. A good comparison: my current GAC opponent is 5.1m gp and I'm 5.7 but they have a far more focused roster. On paper I should be stronger but I'm not. With that being on a personal level, I can accept its my own GP bloat, but to try and have every member of a guild (up to 50 separate people) maximize their GP is a ridiculous ask outside the top end competitive guilds and players who choose to drop thousands of dollars into this game.

Please look into a new matchmaking algorithm for TW, its making the game hard to play.


  • Not that I'm arguing about TW match making being trash. However, you know match making isn't done on a Guilds total combined GP, right?

    Also they'll never take GLs into any match making equaition.
  • Its the "active" GP at the end of the join period. Its still busted either way.
  • Alsair wrote: »
    Its the "active" GP at the end of the join period. Its still busted either way.
    No it isn’t. There are still horrendous GP mismatches going on even if you look at Active GP.
  • Yup. Furthering the title.
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