Laughing Coffin recruiting members.

My fellow Star Wars Galaxy heros, I'm hoping to gather members early on for the new update. If you want to be apart of a guild that will put in work this is that, no jebronies. Contact me on Line username: tmntavatar if you're interested!


  • Diggz
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    First Everyone feel free to leave replies here
  • Diggz
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    We also offer secret tips and tricks to loyal members
  • What are your plans and ideas?
    Broncos Forever in the game
  • Agreed. What are your ideas? I'm active daily lvl 69 tomorrow I'll probably hit 70. I want something competitive that I can grow more in game.
  • Well I'm level 73 I'm on daily. Between myself and Diggz I know we are grinders and will put everything we have and with the support of others we shall rise. If we see that certain players are not putting in work they will be removed.
  • I am interested. I am halfway to level 73. I play multiple times a day.
  • I am currently ranked near 400 in arena with power almost near 25k. UltimateGrnMxl is my ID in line.
  • Diggz
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    We are going to be competitive add me on line: Truudiggz
  • I sent a message on line
  • Thank you guys for the invite!!! I'm definitely in. I'll contact tmnt avatar on line app.
  • Hi, I would like to join, I'm level 67. I play daily and constantly finish top 15 mostly top 5.
  • I would like to join as well currently level 73 arena rank 100-150

    Ally code 877 968 121

  • In-game player name: Brett
    Player Level: L74
    Ally Code: 551-465-675

    Number of 7* Characters: 5 (86, Daka, Lumi, JC and Poggle) plus NI 97/100, Dooku 67/100, E Koth 53/100, 88 47/100, Ahsoka 38/100 and Barriss 31/100 - working towards 7* Yoda

    Number of Gear 8 Characters: 13 plus 3 G9 and 11 G7

    Galactic War Wins: 109
    Arena Wins: 501
    Typical Arena finish rank at payout: 75 to 150
    Arena Power - 29,969

    Days per week you are active: 7
    Timezone: Eastern

    I am active throughout the day since November.
    Have really enjoyed playing and look forward to guilds.
  • I'm ready to rock and roll 17 7 star characters all purple
    Ally code 344-643-753

  • Codigo de aliado: 158-116-392
    Level: 74
    Mejor posicion en arena: 88
    I would like to be in a good guild
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