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  • I’m looking for a new guild. Im active and participate in all TW, TB, Raids, etc. I have 6* Wat and need KAM. I have SLKR, SEE, and working on Executor. I’m F2P mostly.

    Ally code 611-946-987
    5.4 GP
    US central time zone
  • Damodamo
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    9.9mil, uk based. Ticket farming jabba, Reva unlocked, r7/8 inquisitors, most of the bells and whistles, K2, red box in conquest. 13.2 overall dsr score.
  • Very active player looking for an active guild that doesn't have long wait times for tickets in between raids.

    Ally Code: 493-855-645

    1.6 million GP

    Have Geos built for Wat shards, nearing my Executor, and will then be working on Jabba for Krayt. Thank you!
  • JarlaxMenzo
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    Ally-Code: 728-278-418

    Gear 12 characters: Darth Vader, Moff Gideon, Bossk, Boba Fett, Emperor Palpatine, IG-88, Greedo, General Veers

    Galactic Power: just short of 1.5 mill
    Character/Ship GP: 963.150 / 532.591
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 31
    Number of 6*: 10
    Number of 5*: 51
    Average Arena Rank: Dont really know tbh
    Type of Play: F2P, (buys occasionally)
    Time-zone: CET

    I would like to find a guild that uses Discord as communication platform and a guild that is very active and that can teach me about the game. I want to do all the raids that I can and improve my roster as well as I can and farm the right teams/heroes.

    Thx for your time.

    Jarlax Menzo (DK)
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  • frtpskn
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    hello guys
    i'm 5.8 mil gp
    have 2 gl (see and jmk) current prepare for jabba
    my discord frtpskn#0937

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  • hey guys

    active F2P, took a break but back now. Looking for active guild, raids, TW, etc. Based in Canada 🍁

    1.7M GP
    relic'd GAS, Padme, GG teams
    working on SLKR
    Negotiator 7*
    Wat tambor 5*

    discord: m'eyeMm#1345

    looking for guild that uses discord to chill and have fun
  • Alpha1333
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    Thank you for the offers everyone, I found a guild.
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  • Hello, I’m level 79 and progressing really fast. Long term goal is getting JMK. For that I need a guild who can help me get wat tambor. Also I would prefer to be able to achieve success in the crate dragon raids. My ally code is: 383-127-215
    Please reach out to me I promise I will contribute a lot to the guild.
  • Monel
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    Hello all,

    Looking for a guild to call home. Looking for a new home in the game.
    What I offer is a 9.6 million with all GLs unlocked. Easily post 2.4 million in KD raid. Have beat the Reva mission each time except once.

    What I want in return in an active Discord, running KD raids, and guild that is earning a minimum of 25 Reva shards

    Thanks for your consideration.
  • Looking for a short term place to park during RotE. Active, 600 tix/day. Let me know if you need an active rote player. Ideally, 450m+ guild with >Reva shards.
    Discord: Delmon Enz#0363
  • Very active player looking for active guild that gets 30,000 raid tickets a day or very close to it, 170+ mil TW entries for kyros, and at least 17 mil box on Krayt. Just 2.2 mil GP, but in 7 months I’ve never missed 600 tickets or any guild events even once. Going Executor then JKL for likely JML or Jabba. Not a huge discord person but willing to use it if required.

    Ally code: 761-147-477
  • Looking for a guild relatively new to the game but powering through the levels
    Lvl70 atm with 225k gp just finished my first month of the game. Willing to take on as much info as possible ally code 346-559-399
    Very active player. Not spent money on the game yet but probably will later down the line
  • MasterValnah
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    Old player that just started playing again. Play daily, looking for new *ACTIVE* guild but other players are free to add me.

    Ally-Code: 335-243-768
    Galactic Power: 600k
    Character/Ship GP: 200k
    Player Level: 83
    Number of 7*: 14
    Number of 6*: 8
    Number of 5*: 16
    Average Arena Rank: 947/524
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: GMT-5 central daylight
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