Players Looking For Guilds - September 2022 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


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    Hi guys
    Ally code: 944-616-768
    Gp 6.5m
    2 gl's slkr and jmk will have rey in a couple of weeks
    Working on leviathan
    Mostly f2p but will buy packs if there is good value
    Looking for an active guild getting good kam shards or doing well in rote
    Will get my 600 tickets and participate in all events
    Happy to use discord if required
    I look forward to hearing from some guilds
  • gigachad
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    Hi Everyone, Looking for a relatively casual guild as I'm just getting back into the game.
    I play daily and almost always max out tickets.

    Ally-Code: 364-425-717
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 3.6M
    Average Fleet Rank: Top 50
    Should be getting GL Rey in a few weeks.
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    Looking for a clan

    7.25m GP
    3GLs. (Nearly a 4th)
    GI (70% on Reva shards)
    Maul/Malgus 7* just gearing up
  • JabbaDaBen16
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    Guild found!
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    Hello, MY name is Veric, and I am a super active player looking to grow in a midish-range active guild doing Darkside Geos. Goal is to get Wat Tambor up and running by June. Got Rey/Kylo lightspeeds, but not the Vet Smuggler one, Frming Rey and bringing roster up with important relics. Geos Wat ready.

    Ally Code: 464-836-168

    GP: 4.5Mil

    Discord: VerictheMaster
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    Hey guys, unfortunately I'm looking for a new guild right now. Up until about a month ago I had been in the same guild for about the last 5 years. I thought had found a home in a new guild but because of a merger I was given the option to run their low level guild or to find a new home. After a bit of though I decided it was best to move on.

    I am an active player who has been around since shortly after the game launched. I am looking for a guild that is 425 m + is doing kryant and is at least 27/55 in rise of the empire.

    Ally code: 241-137-126
    GP 8.6 M
    5 GL's including Jaba. I'm currently working on Dr. Alpha.
    I am active and will get 600 tickets most days.
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    Looking for an active guild that is farming Reva.
    Took a year off but I'm back in the swing of things.

    GP- 6.6
    Inquisitor team (R7)
    Working on SLKR (all R3+)

    Ally code- 574-528-411
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    Hello! Looking to possibly move to a higher and more active guild, I like the one I'm currently in but want to see if I can get more consistent MK3 tokens and GET3 currency. Hoping to find a great home I can settle in :)

    Very active, 600 tix easily. Top of current squad/fleet shards. Active participation in all guild events to best of ability. Active on Discord.

    (Also have an older 4.5 mil alt account that can tag along should that be of interest)

    2.4 Mil GP (....but that's pretty misleading, as I have been hoarding ever since the lightspeed bundle and have spent prolly over $500 in gear I'm waiting to place alone)

    GL Rey, will have SLKR very soon, very near Executor once I spend hoarded gear (just waiting to see what the new bundles are)

    Ally Code: 111-626-465

    If interested just shoot me a message in game and lmk about your guild! Looking for a very active hardcore guild, 600 tix minimum from all members preferred.
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    Hello, I'm a new player.
    I'm looking for a uk based guild ideally. Hoping to grow and enjoy the game. I'm working on geos then going for beskar mando
    My swgoh is
  • Glubglib
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    Guild found
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    Hi guys! I am looking for a very active guild with consistent participation from every member. I started this game years ago and got bored and only recently (July 2023) redownloaded it. Additionally, I did not watch content on the game before so my roster is a little messy lol. I am currently sitting at around 3 million GP and am FTP except for the Lightspeed bundles. I am hoping for a guild that is going to help me grow, and ideally help me get GET II currency so I can get Negotiator. I am able to beat the Watt mission in Geo TB to get some shards for the guild. If you have a spot for me, my ally code is 449-721-224
  • YarikCaski
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    Guild found
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  • Disorder
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    Guild found.
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  • AshPokefan_99
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    Hello all. We are looking for an active guild that is 380 mil+ that is doing rise of the empire that has 3 open spots. We will deploy in all TBs and will attack in all TWs. We all have discord and are willing to join if needed.

    My Account (10,126,711 GP):
    Friend (James28)(8,617,804):
    Friend (Nightwing)(8,219,467):

    Discord: brooks1325

    Send me a message in game or on discord if interested.
  • SybilBibble
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    Found a guild
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  • Phisig96
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    Found a guild
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  • Cali23
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    Found a guild
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    Hi Guys
    593k GP
    Looking for active raid guild to help me progress. I am on almost every day and currently avg 200-300 raid tickets.
    SlickChewie 464-957-356
  • Quim
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    Galactic Power (Characters)
    Galactic Power (Ships)
    Fleet Arena Battles Won
    Squad Arena Battles Won
    Normal Battles Won
    Hard Battles Won
    Galactic War Battles Won
    Guild Raids Won
  • Thisistheway6110
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    Looking for a 25+ Reva shard guild for TB.

    About me:

    Online multiple times a day (usually all day lol)
    Mid-spender in the store
    600 daily tickets
    SLKR, Rey, Starkiller, finishing SEE
    REVA READY👍inquisitors are finished and ready to rollout next TB to get that shard for the team.

    Discord: this is the way
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    Ally Code: 312-166-749
    Link to swgoh profile:
    GP: 5.1million
    Character GP: 3.0 million
    Ship GP: 2.0 million
    Player level 85
    7* characters: 175

    Type of play: dolphin who took a long break but looking to play again but more laid back

    Discord: ski330_4077

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    Looking for a guild.
    I've brought the ls bundles for first order, finalizer and rebels so I'm going for slkr. Looking to join a uk based guild if possible and I will have discord.
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    Ally-Code: 314465482

    Total GP: 5,536,470
    Character GP: 3,174,081
    Ship GP: 2,362,389

    Average Arena: 1,100
    Average Fleet Arena: 180
    Average GA: Carbonite 1 (Stuck)

    Type Play: F2P/P2P
    Time Zone: EST

    Looking for more consistent Guild Raids. Working on padme team for proving grounds. Would like to finish Wat and Ki-Adi Mundi. Just looking for a well managed guild that can help me break the current barrier I am facing. (You will see if you check my players... big relic gap, trying to create a G12 standard so that I can funnel in more rewards to my relics)
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    Looking for a guild for group of 5 people. Looking to farm MkII guild tokens. We have a pretty big range of GP, but are all fairly active.

    My info
    Ally-Code: 674-917-331
    Link to

    The other 4 are in my current guild: Arftonlum, LaboratoryTim, grassypanda, and Salami

    Galactic Power: 3,704,091

    Galactic Power: 2,035,009

    Galactic Power: 2,302,456

    Galactic Power: 989,942

    Galactic Power: 413,832
    Player Level: 77

    I know it's kind of a weird spread. The five of us have our own guild, but it isn't growing quite fast enough. Looking to help grow with another guild. PM me with any additional questions
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    Looking for uk based guild.
    I'm going for executor then onto jabba.
    Farming bhs and empire toons for the executor at the moment but could do with some guidance.
    I have discord and will regularly check and sometimes use it.
  • Shawn89
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    Guild found
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    Hi everyone, looking for a new guild, here's my info,
    Ally Code: 616-641-123

    Link to

    GP: 1.86 Million

    Active player, I get 600 tickets daily.

    On my way to getting SLKR.

  • ScydeWinder
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    Looking for an active Guild for a new account I started a couple months ago with the help of hyper drive (currently about 1.5 million GP level 85). I would prefer a smaller Guild that does Hoth TB, not Geo or ROTE. For me the most important part of the guild is that it is a guild that works together as a team and communicates. I have been playing since November 2015 with my main account that is over 9 million GP so I understand the game mechanics and strategies well and I am ready to help your guild wherever possible. I do 600 tickets daily and always active in TB, TW, GAC, and communicating on Discord. Feel free to contact me and we can discuss if I would be a good fit in your guild - ally code 394-558-924
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