Players Looking For Guilds - September 2022 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


  • Nannazin
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    Looking for a guild actively farming Reva (30+ an event). I have a Reva team, 8 mil GP, and 6 GLs.

    Ally code registered in discord:

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    Looking for an active guild for my new account, Just started & need decent rewards to help progress my account ASAP.

    Ally Code: 269-845-758

    I do have discord & another account with 2mil GP that I can also bring along.
  • StraightShotSS
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    Guild found!

    Hey all!

    Just got back into the game and looking for a guild actively running and clearing HAAT and HSITH as I need Treya and GK (need 330 for Treya and 100 to finish GK). I'm very active throughout the day.

    A month or two from getting my first GL (SLKR) and slowly working towards Malgus and Leviathan.

    Ally-Code: 486-377-769
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 2.8mil

    Average Arena Rank: Top 1k, very old Arena shard so everyone above me has GL's, Too 100 in shops

    Type of Play: Dolphin, buy great value packs (Hyperdrive + Lightspeed) but not much else

    Time-zone: West Coast
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  • RetallicDunemarcher
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    Hello, looking for a guild that is actively farming Reva.

    I have 9.2 mil GP.
    5 GL’s profile -
    Have Reva team ready for next TB.

    Time zone is NZ, but I’m pretty chill wherever guild is based.
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  • Ocili
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    Found a guild thanks!

    Looking for a guild that is actively farming Wat (more than a few shards) and eventually Reva. I am a casual f2p daily player. Not looking for drama or guilds that impose requirements on players, just casual fun.

    Ally-Code: 187-799-755
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 6.6mill
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: Central/USA
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  • NicoOkarr
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    *** UPDATE *** Found a guild, thanks everyone that made an offer
    An old returnee decided to come back. I quit after Krrsantan was released.
    Looking for a guild that is easily farming for KAM or already started ROTE.
    I am a casual daily player. Will do the minimum for TW and Raids as I don't like those modes too much
    Ally-Code: 726-417-595
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 7.7mill
    Type of Play: Semi-FTP (only pay for really good value light-speed bundle)
    Time-zone: Vietnam, English-speaking guilds are also ok, as long as the guild tolerate my timezone different
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    Hi opend my old account on my new phone. Did not play for many years. Looking for an active casual guild.
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    Looking for an active guild. Just started & need decent rewards to help progress my account ASAP.

  • mrscheid
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    **Update - Found a new guild. Thanks for those who reached out!

    Looking for an active / competitive guild. I'm a daily active player. Will unlock SKLR and Rey shortly

    3.88M GP
    Ally Code: 267-627-763

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    Hi, looking for an active guild for myself. I have two accounts.
    Main account is 4mil and almost finished slkr, then finishing my Geo's to get wat for jmk.
    My second account is 1.4 mil and rushing jml/Leia.
    I am good at the game so having a 1.4 mil account won't bring you down. I know mods so don't worry about that.
    Mainly looking for a guild that does well in geo tb, at least 10 wat shards. Endor raid I can do well in

    Thanks in advancd
  • Thisistheway6110
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    Hey guys! Looking for a Reva shard guild for TB. I only need 63 shards to unlock!! Really hoping to merc in a 35+ shard guild, if you’re willing to give me a shot!

    About me:

    Mid-spender in the store (not afraid to open the wallet to achieve a goal)

    600 daily tickets

    SLKR, Rey, Starkiller (R9 for platoons), GI, Malgus, and willing to Relic toons for the guild’s needs


    REVA READY👍I have no problem getting a shard and have a loadout specifically modded for this

    Multiple TW omicrons applied for war

    Discord: this is the way
  • Terenn
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    Guild found thanks
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  • landonh5
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    Ally Code: 174-798-787
    Level 53.

    Looking for a good guild to contribute 600 tickets daily. This is a new account for me. I plan to be level 85 in 2-3 months (started Jan 10th). Mostly F2P with the occasional crystal purchase. I'm small now, but I've put a lot of thought and strategy into power levelling and farming efficiently. I would like the benefits of a higher level guild to help propel me upwards and eventually pull my own weight. Thanks for the consideration.
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    Guild found
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    Looking for casual guild for right now. Just wanting to relax and coast while still being somewhat active. Will participate fully in TB and can add 10M to Endor raid

    GP 11M+
    All GL
    Ally Code: 861-192-374
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    Hey, I'm looking for a fresh start. Hoping to find a semi casual guild in the 350-400m range.

    I have 4 GLs (SLKR, Rey, JMK and LV) and am working on getting GI and to become Reva ready. Once finished, I will be working toward SEE.

    I play daily and want to be part of a fun team, but would rather not be hassled by pushy officers. Thanks for your interest.

    Ally code: 564-363-448
    GP 7.5m
    Discord: Tynion#0757
  • Disorder
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    Thank you for your interest. I have found a guild.
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  • Kaylos
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    Hello, still looking - Discord: kaylos.
    8.35mill, 5 GLs, Executor, .gg:
    Collector looking for a casual guild:
    . 144m+ Speeder Raid - not stringent on tickets despite me achieving them (no pressured tracking)
    . Optional TW with 50%+ w/r: no mandate on datacrons/omicrons
    . 25+ ROTE tb with no forced farms
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    Hello there, I am a returning player after a 1 year break, have 2 gls, executor, 1st in fleet arena, 2 gear slots away from getting a profundity, closing on a 3rd gl. Here's my code: 496-566-994
    I have 5.3mil gp currently and I am active everyday.
    Feel free to msg me in game.
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    I’m only about 6months in lvl 85, hyperbundle daily player. Mostly f2p, 1.8mil Galactic Power. Arena Rank 344, Fleet Rank 89.
    Need a guild that will help me with G12 gear to advance my roster. I’m currently in a “assigned” guild and ready to find a strong guild.
    Ally Code: 947114471
  • Zrizza
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    Guild found

    Hey everyone I'm just looking for a very active guild that participates in everything pretty fully. I'm not super high spec'd out and I'm not expecting a super guild. I just desire a guild that has high participation in all events. Just a little tired of starting TW's down thousands of tickets because we only had 26 people ready up.

    Ally-Code: 815-867-475
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 1,250,000
    Character/Ship GP: 837k / 424k
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 35
    Number of 6*: 21
    Number of 5*: 24
    Average Arena Rank: 1700 / 290
    Type of Play: Completely Free to Play
    Time-zone: CST USA
    Discord Friendly

    I'm a daily player and most days hit all bonuses. Currently finishing up grinds for Jedi Knight Reaven and Commander Luke's last two stages and just starting to prep for BB-8 when I get all my bonus energy. I have almost fully leveled and starred (thanks Merrin) Night Sister team and similar developed Mon Mothma Rebel Team.
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  • Shoutinghail
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    ****Found Guild***

    Old Account - Haven't played the game for a couple years, getting back into to it past month.
    Looking for an active guild.

    1.9Mil GP
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  • Lil_Ani
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    I'm a long-time experienced player, and I'm looking for a home for my very young f2p Alt. (Lv 71)
    I always get my 600, and I do focus on Guild Activities and Events.
    It's really hard to find a decent beginner guild, so it would be great to get into a bit larger guild as a Youngling, or even a Guild Alliance to work my way up.
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  • Vigo5588
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  • Olcntry77
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    I'm new just looking for an active guild I want to participate in raids and help out
    Ally code 697-999-312
  • Vismutti
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    Found a guild, thanks!

    I’m a returning player after being gone for a year of two. Looking for a new guild.

    Ally-Code: 961-626-262
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 2.94 M
    Player Level: 85
    Time-zone: UTC+2
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  • RiseofBeelzebub
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    Guild Found
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  • ZackAttack1
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  • DePlexx
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    Found a guild, cheers all/

    Looking for a competitive or semi-competitive guild:

    Ally Code: 174-536-348
    UK based
    Use discord daily
    6.2 mil GP with SLKR, JML, Executor, Starkiller (finishing up some other farms then moving onto JMK or Jabba)
    TW Omicrons: Phasma, Mara Jade, Hera, Poggle
    Message on here or in-game if interested
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    Ally Code 942-766-949. ALT Account, day 5 Lvl 42 pushing for phoenix start into SEE. Looking for a guild that runs stuff. I also have a friend who is nearing 70.
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