Players Looking For Guilds - September 2022 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


  • carlos3
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    looking for pvp guild 380+
  • Yulolife980
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    Guild Found
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    Hello there,

    Friendly active player looking for a new change of scenery. I would like a guild with good, but relaxed leadership, and able to clear CPIT.

    Ally code 478-732-644

    Have JMK, Padme, GAS, GG, both Revans (Malgus R7) I’m extremely close to unlocking SEE as well. Can get KAM and WAT shards no problem.

    I gain 600 tickets a day, always sign up for raids and fully participate in TW/TB.

    Thank you,

  • dtwinslow
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    Ally Code: 538-835-533
    New F2P very active player LG active Guild
    Level 61
    GP: 158k
    Christian/United States/West Coast
    21m tcp msf lol
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    Lonestar, please send request again. Game glitches on me. Deleted request.
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    Guild found. Thanks.
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    756 746 636 looking for a try hard guild ....I'll get u 600 daily at every event.... donation of gear.... I'll do everything that I can possibly do for the guild One hand washes the other and they both wash the face and I played 24/7 don't have to worry about me not being inactive
  • Spades
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    Found a Guild
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  • RichDerps
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    Found guild.
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    Looking for a guild that can do Cpit, need r8 materials, 1 gl, on my way to JMK, active daily 600, 3.1 mil GP, F2P

  • LMarc0
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    I found a guild.

    Thank you very much.
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  • tomscousin
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    Found a guild, thanks for the answers
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    Found a guild, Thanks!
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    Looking for a guild that does good in both geo TB's and raids
    Ally-Code: 719-618-556
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 2.16 mill
    Character gp: 1.37 mill
    Ship gp: 0.79 mill
    Average squad Arena Rank: 68
    Average ship Arena Rank: 11
    Type of Play: F2p
    Very active
  • Dathsa
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    Guild found! That was fast! Thanks, all!
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    "The Amero Project" 140 mil GP
    We have 15 spots open now as we kept only the active players.
    Join NOW! Ideally we can absorb a small guild!
    All Raids heroics with 24h join time.
    No CPit yet.
    We are competitive on TW , Hoth TB pushing for 40* on Light Side and Geos TB 14* on Dark Side. WAT ~14shards
    No discord required.
    A must is to have Fun/ Tickets, be active and polite.
    This is the guild you are looking for!
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    Kukoc read the description
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    I have 2 accounts, one started Jan 2022 the other started March 2022. Both hyperdrive bundled and have spent more money than i care to admit. I have them both in the same guild now, but it is just a casual guild. I need to get into a guild that is doing the LSTB and DSTB so I can get more GET2 currency and KAM and WAT shards. I have maintained top 5-10 fleet on both accounts but I am starting to run into more and more Negotiators/Male and Executor. Obviously I get my 600 tickets, I donate gear, and I like to talk strategy come War time

    Foshizzel17 3.3 mil GP.......956-698-974
    Almost full relic 5 Shaak ti troopers(just need to relic Arc)....also almost have all Geos to gear 12

    Shizzel 2.5 mil...... 282-867-669
    Almost full gear 12 Geos....will work on Clones next
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    Ally-Code: 965-781-188
    Galactic Legend : 4
    Galactic Power: 6,899,779
    Character/Ship GP:4,105,794 / 2,793,985
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 210

    Average Arena Rank: 52 / 316
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: EST time

    Hello, i am looking for a guild that is able to get KAM shards. i can help get KAM shards, but its RNG for me.
    i am a casual player, i do sign in for all the free energy most of the time. i will contribute to all guild events, and raids if necessary. i've been playing since 2015, so i'm invested in this game, i may not be super strong player, but i will do what is needed to help out.

    thank you and may the force be with you.
  • Bissrok
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    Ally Code: 639-746-665
  • Jared
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    Thank you MOD
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  • HeiOk
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    Thank you for your offers but I've found a guild
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  • rdks
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    Thank you all for the interest, I have found a guild.
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  • Dezma
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    I’ve found a spot. Thanks for your consideration.

    Hello All.

    I am currently in search of a guild. I am pretty active, 600/day. Contribute to guild events.
    7.6M GP -
    3 GL
    1 character away from unlocking Executor. Typically F2P. In CST zone.
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  • Nate_O107
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    *****GUILD FOUND*****

    Appreciate the invites!

    Ally code - 771-414-659
    Galactic Power - 3.6 mil.
    Character GP - 2.3
    Ship GP - 1.3
    Player level - 85
    7* - 129

    Hello all. I’m active daily. Need 50 Wat shards to unlock.

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    Lvl 38 player looking for an active newbie guild which still running newbie raid (like Rancor (tier 1)).

    I produce 600 tickets every days <<< this is how active i am.

    Started to play: Oct 30, 2022 --- Ally code: 628-998-777 --- My links: | youtube | My SWGOH journey | NORDIC KINGDOM is recruiting
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    Hello !
    I'm french payeur with 4m pg and see
    #419617 ya mindra in swgoh
    I play every day !

    Average Arena Rank: silver/gold
    Type of Play: F2P
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    Yamindra do you have your full ally code
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    Hab vor Jahren mal gezockt, und würde gerne wieder einsteigen. Hab allerdings nur 471t GM auf lvl 85. Bündniscode 438-833-741.
    Mach jedenfalls meine täglichen 600 tickets, und bin aktiv.
    Gruß Chobit
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