Players Looking For Guilds - September 2022 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


  • MrBenDerisgreat
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    Guild found, thanks to those who reached out!
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  • Hearts_of_Jed1
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    Hello there,
    I'm looking for a **family friendly, ( anti-swear bot & no NSFW content ), ** guild 400M+GP that is actively farming Reva.

    I'm a long time player, PST timezone, with 9.8M GP, active daily/ 600s, finishing off a 6th GL and participate in all guild events.
    Discord: Pri'noli$1943
    Ally Code: 353 859 586

    Family Friendly & Anti-swear Bot guild Recruiters only, please.
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  • Maulord
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    Guild found. Thanks everyone and may the force be with you.
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  • JakeNBake
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    guild found
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  • VictoriousMaximus
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    Guild found.
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  • Domeniques
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    returning veteran player here. I originally stopped playing about 3 years ago, sometimes shortly after relics and General Skywalker were released. But I am again actively playing daily now and currently looking for guild where I could settle in.

    My GP: 2.5M
    Ally Code: 253-712-958 link:
    My time-zone: CET/CEST (UTC+1/UTC+2)
    Discord: Domeniques#0666

    Guild requirements:

    Pit, Tank and Sith raids all on heroic.

    Geo TB or alternating Hoth TB and Geo TB (that would be actually preferred), if you do only Hoth TB then you are not guild for me

    Using discord or slack for communication and coordination (discord preferred)

    Guild time-zone matches mine (this is only preferred but not mandatory)

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  • Range1974
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    No longer guildless
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  • Shadala
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    Looking for a active (!) guild:
    Ally code: 555-555-872
    Link to
    GP: ~7.2+m (playing for nearly 4 years)
    Character/Ship GP: 4.1m/3.1m
    GLs: JML, SLKR, SEE (all r7 and ult), Exe (7*)
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 202
    Number of 6*: few
    Number of 5*: few
    Timezone: middle europe
    Type of Play: F2P
    Language: english or german (mother tongue)
    Level 85, 132 zetas, 11 omi
    At the moment I'm farming gear for Starkiller -> JMK -> LV and some missing shards for starkiller.
    I am a daily (at least once a day) player, getting the 600 done every day, participating in TW/TB. I'm mostly not very chatty on discord.

    Type of guild I'm looking for:
    I'm looking for a active(!) guild. That means people getting the 600 tickets for raids and participating in guild events. I have a real life and I respect everyone who has a RL too. If RL catches you, I won't complain, but if you are online, get the guild things done.
    Also you should do RotE. Achieving 22+* in RotE would be nice. Doing LS Geo is optional for me.
    Feel free to message on Discord (Shadalana#5214).

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  • jedi35634323
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    Guild found
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  • Stormtrooperbane
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    Looking for a new guild, preferably located in the US, east coast. I’m not a big fan of the fleet arena, so my score isn’t too high and I also don’t care about rank in the PVP arena either. I do not use crystals to refresh my energy to try and get 600 tickets, I usually average around 550 daily.

    Here is my info:

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  • Looking for a guild that does c-pit
    I'm close to GMK but need relic 8 materials
    Ally-Code: 719-618-556
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 2.8 mill
    Character gp: 1.7 mill
    Ship gp: 1 mill
    Average squad Arena Rank: 68
    Average ship Arena Rank: 11
    Type of Play: F2p
    Very active
  • Just looking to get into a better guild to help grow my roster and GP. Currently going for Executor. No GLs atm but close to JMLS, then want to go for SLKR I don’t much care for discord but I play daily.
    Ally Code - 616-392-195
    Player Level - 85
    GP- 5,545,068
    Characters GP - 3,274,127
    Ships GP - 2,270,941
    Characters - 222
    Zetas - 83
    Omicrons - 6
    7* Characters - 185
    Gear 13 - 26
    Gear 12 - 34
    Ships - 52
    7* Ships - 34

  • Obi_Juan_49
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    Returning player after a year long break from the game, 2.4m GP, currently farming for JMK 10/16, looking for a competitive guild that can help with that. Can guarantee 600 tickets a day.

    Guild found
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  • I'm looking for a temporary home in a guild that intends on getting 33 stars in the next DSTB. It's a feat/achievement I really want to get done. Upon achievement of 33 stars in DSTB, I would intend to leave. I'd be happy to work for LSTB progress and TW in the meantime until said achievement (and I do, of course, get all my tickets in daily).

    Ally Code: 512-825-292
    GP: 10,091,336

    With a GP like that, I hope I don't have to explain any more. I have all 7 GLs and Doctor Aphra. I can pretty much deal with any hours. I just want my 33-star DSTB achievement.
  • Arctic_Moon
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    Guild Found. Thank you.

    Seeking new guild
    Ally code 113-942-237
    7* - 72
    Gear 13 - 3
    Gear 12 - 12
    GP - 1.89 million
    I’m active daily. Still working on building teams.
    Looking for an active guild to help get character shards, ie Han Solo, etc.
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  • Hello there! I am a returning player with a super streamlined roster, looking for a guild which can complete the Crancor and that is particpating in the new TB. I have SEE, as well as the executor, and am working my way to JMK now.
    Ally-Code: 633-667-845
    Link to
    Discord: Daddy_Grevious#0963
    Galactic Power:4,714,196
    Character/Ship GP:2,543,353/2,170,843
    Average Arena Rank: 500
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: GMT
  • Lackalackalack
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    Guild found,thanks!
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  • Grimsie
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    Guild found, thanks all who reached out!
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  • Shizcobob
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    Home found, cheers
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  • Shizcobob
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    Figured out how to edit, sorry for the double post.
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  • I'm trying to find a guild farming tank takedown on heroic as often as possible. I'm active every day.

    1 million gp

    Ally code: 641-281-444

  • Looking for a guild that runs Heroic Pit often. Am getting quite close to CLS and want to start getting more mats as well as start getting Han for that team, so I’m looking for a more active guild. Am on every day so I’m always progressing.

    Am around 400k, so will not be carrying the raid by any means, but will make sure to do my fair share
  • Wmhdave
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    Looking for guild
    Lvl 85
    Gear XII characters include 5-6 Jedi with first zeta on Bastilla. Only dark side gear XII are Vader, Talia, and Boba
    GP 1.28 Mil
    My fleet is very weak. No hounds tooth yet
    Fleet arena rank usually top 25
    Arena rank about 160-170 I need to rework my mods
    I bought the starter pack but pretty much stick to F2P now
    Looking to do the pit for achievements
    Ally code 321-869-337

    I play every day but I’m just starting to develop a plan to strengthen my roster.
    I’m looking for a guild willing to help me work on a plan to get better , but also one I can help out as I am

    Thank you
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  • IllusiveM0nkey
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    Guild found
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  • Electus
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    Hi, looking for a guild, GP 670k,órin_/
    Active player
  • Hello there,
    Just looking for a guild I can leech heroic sims off tbh.
    Returning player on a fresh account. Old account had GL Kenobi but I lost access and quit the game.
    Just started fresh. Only level 55 and 110k GP but will guarantee 600 tickets daily. Very active. Won't take long till I can contribute in other areas.

    Ally code 628-137-536

  • Hello there,

    I am a returning player that left 3-4 years ago. and im looking for a guild.

    Since i have been many years without playing, i am a little lost about teams, ships, builds, meta etc.....Any advise would be great.

    Ally Code: 995-472-184
    Galactic Power: 1,4m
    Character/Ship GP: Character 927k and ship 488k
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: around 38
    Number of 6*: around 7
    Number of 5*: around 49
    Average Arena Rank: 600
    Type of Play: F2P with some payment
    Time-zone: Spain time zone

    I speak spanish, french and english.

    if anyone wanna contact me via discord : Numbers#9518


  • Speejasl
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    Thank you!
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  • _Ap3x_
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    Looking for a casual guild
    Been playing since release just stayed solo in my own guild
    Want to start catching up on characters I don't have access to
    Ally code:226-676-782
    Galactic power:5 mil
    Working towards SEE as my first GL
    Heavily active in all guild events can solo tank raid
    Currently in chromium grand arena
    Decent knowledge of meta
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