HAAT rewards are 100% worthless...

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Rancor and HAAT are pathetic at this point... We have a billion characters to gear yet the rewards are just depressing at this point, the only useful things is the guild coins and if you put into perspective how much gear these tokens buy, it's pathetic amount. considering that it takes at least 2-3 days of everyone contributing the max amount of tickets for one of these raids, I simply think that a buff is a must at this point.

I would love for us to have the ability to even launch these raids on solo mode for extra rewards based on individual tickets and not have to rely on guild mates. Almost all the pieces I get from HAAT I have stockpiles of, and all the good gear you see once every 2 weeks or something. At this point raids feel like a total joke and it's sad
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    HAAT rewards - completely agree. The only even semi useful thing is the gold eyeballs.

    Pit rewards - not sure I agree. Always a pleasant surprise to get some carbanti or stun gun stuff from it, and with the raid running every other day this happens pretty frequently.
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    I still consider the CPit rewards to be totally inferior to HSR, especially considering the effort you have to put in defeating the CRancor. A lot of people solo the HSR nowadays and rewards can be very decent when you are in the Top 10. but with CPit my best rewards came when I wasnt even taking part in it and landed somewhere in the 30s. CPit rewards definitely need an upgrade. The Top 10 should include the chance of a Gear XII(+) piece or maybe some reloc mats.
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