Ships and executor

Quick question... I have 3k crystals saved up now but was wondering everyone's thoughts on if it's worth it to hoard in order to move my executor up to 5 or 6 or 7 stars... just unlocked last time so obviously can't do it in 1 no matter what and I can barely break into the top 20 in my shard as it is.


  • 5-star gets you a crucial reduction in your ultimate cooldown. You can beat 7-star Executors on offense at that point if you have your fighters surficiently powered up and you know what you are doing but you wont hold as well as a 7-star on defense obviously.
  • Hm... that is a good point I may make a point to get the 5th star then.. go figure I just spent them to pull ahsoka and gk up to g13 for gas
  • go from 5 to 7 stars when ready, and skip 6. At 5 I was able to beat 7 stars Exec, but you need Ebon Hawk unlocked for first reinforcement. And get your speed order optimised.
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