Game Freeze while in loading screen

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Everything is fine until yesterday update (mod QOL update). After this update I suffer from game freeze a lot of time (around 1 out of 10 time I will freeze at loading screen when enter the battle). It's happened in every game mode. I freeze in today TW too lose one good team for no reason. Tomorrow GAC will be fun lol
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  • Same here. Just froze trying to start a fleet battle in arena. After all these years, cg still hasn't given us the ability to re-enter a battle in progress if it hasn't timed out in the event of a game crash. That would be a huge QOL improvement @CG_SBCrumb @CG_Tusken_Meathead
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    C'mon CG, game has frozen twice already - once mid-ships battle w/Executor - that costs me GAC. Didn't record any ships taken out. Fix your code.
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  • Mine's frozen up entering battles at least 5 times since the update. I was in conquest and arenas (regular and fleet) but it keeps happening.

    That's kinda painful, especially losing so many attempts in conquest.
  • After the QOL update my game continues to freeze before entering battle, I have reinstalled the game and it continues to freeze up.
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    I had a game freeze on a ship battle in GAC. Deja Vu for me here....

    I didn't bother reporting it to support. The last time this happened a year or so ago I got the response 'That sounds challenging. However, remember that Grand Arena isn't easy!!'

    I'm on Android...........and like my phone, hence I didn't want to smash this one after talking to 'support'.
  • Yep, big $$$ flowing in, poor coding...
  • This is apparently happening to others as well. Quite annoying to be losing energy for conquest and also having to worry about wasting teams in GAC because of it.
  • Happened to me twice. Quite annoying... 😒
  • To be fair, its kind of hard to code and count money at the same time…
  • My first fleet battle in gac, and the game froze , so then I gave up
  • Have had this happen twice going into GAC battles today and again when coming back out of the GAC screen.

    Also had it happen on a fleet battle yesterday's TW.
  • Happened twice, and is being reported by several members of my guild, go submit bug reports so you can be told to check the basic troubleshooting guide... I'm pretty sure they're trying to give you a sense of pride and accomplishment when the game actually lets you into the battle!
  • I had this happens a few times as well. Ended up bot being able to clear and losing
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    Happened 3 times in my gac alone (slkr vs malgus, profundity vs tarkin, and Darth Vader with CD DC vs Rey)

  • I had the same in a fleet battle in TW, then again in conquest
  • Don't worry guys, they've decided it's not a bug with the update because they can't reproduce it. It's only because no one is following the basic troubleshooting guide.
  • I had the same thing around 16:50 GMT.
    Fleet battle, started loading, then screen went blank.
    Had to restart the game
  • same here and multiple post has been submitted at Answer HQ and closed by EA with this same statement for all post...

  • Seen at least three occurrences of this since the update. All in Conquest rather than GAC thankfully.
  • Happened to a guildie of mine twice in GAC. He said it never happened before, and now happened twice in a row, after the update. These stability issues need to be fixed asap. You can't have competitive events like TW or GAC going on, where it's a coinflip of whether you even get into the fight or not. This is serious. This is RNG taken to the extreme...
  • Lost a battle in GAC due to freezing at the loading screen. I have also lost lots of Conquest energy due to yhis.
  • Happening to me too. On Android. Lost Conquest energy, a GAC battle and a TW battle because of this
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  • Same, s21...
    1 in 5 battles freeze just before battle loads
  • My guild lost our last TW because of this. We lost by 44 banners. I had the game freeze at loading twice. That's 2 teams where I was certain I would win that I didn't get to use them (SEE, and starkiller squad were the crash squads), plus the 2 teams had a battle count against them, so 5 points lost per attack when they were killed.

    The teams did get beaten by other players, and there were still teams I could have beaten with my lost squads. So a definite change in rewards for 2 whole guilds from this bug.

    Of course, maybe the other guild had the same problem.

    I had done the manual update, like a chump. When will I learn to just let the force update happen to delay the bugs as long as possible?
  • Same, s21...
    1 in 5 battles freeze just before battle loads

    I have an s21 ultra
  • Happened to me too in GAC which cost me my win.
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  • Froze several times yesterday when doing my GAC run and I was backing out from screens/menus, had to restart the gsme several times, gladly no lost battles. Infinite loading when trying to go into a conquest battle today, rip 20 energy.

    No update without something being broken.
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  • Can't run without wifi. When using mobile connection it won't start the game. Loading within the game won't work without wifi either. No popups about allowing data for traffic is showing.
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    The game locked up today while loading the galactic war Sim results.

    How much conquest energy will we waste due to this bug?
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