Game Freeze while in loading screen



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    Google Pixel 3 latest Andriod OS (12). Fleet arena battle. Froze at loading screen. Counted as a loss and an attack after I waited ~60s, force closed, and reopened the game.
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    Just coming here to add my name to the list of people having the issue, since mid September.

    S21U running Android 12, Sept security update. Game crashes unpredictably when loading into battle

    - happens in any PVP or PVE mode including fleet, TW, GAC, Conquest etc
    - crashes when redeeiming bronzium data cards (ally points)
    - sometimes crashes in menus - everything freezes/becomes unclickable.
    - there is no error message, simply the circle loading wheel in the middle until the game is force closed
    - this can happen my first battle after opening the app or after 30 minutes of having the app open
    - reinstalling and/or clearing the cache has made no difference
    - trying it on a separate S21U device has also replicated the same issue
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    So the time to lose time, energy and crystals has come!

    3 battles attempted so far in Conquest, 2 freezes, awesome job CG!
  • Natyurlyh
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    Seriously, already 4 freeze in conquest in 10 battle. It's very annoying. +1
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    One more
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    Once again, the app has crashed and cost me the chance to win a round in GAC. This is pathetic with no acknowledgement of a clear issue
  • LordI
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    What a surprise... (Sarcasm)
    It seems they dont want people to get Ben Solo free...

    Edit: i have been warned here because I cant complain about this shame.
    Nice, continue in this way instead of solving the issue
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    This game sucks
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    @CG_Tusken_Meathead Just curious what the acceptable number of GAC rounds that I have to fight handicapped throwing away teams at the loading screen are before I rage quit is? Or maybe we are shooting for a number of lost crystals before we just don't care anymore? Today is the 3rd GAC round lost and crystals are now in the thousands. Support doesn't care, doesn't feel like any of you do either. Datacrons killed skill and competitiveness and just made it crap shoot, now we just throw teams away for no reason at all. I can't even believe I'm still wasting the energy to even complain anymore.
  • crzydroid
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    Please report to Answers HQ.
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