Update 9/21/2022

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NOTE: With today's update you may experience a slower time getting back into the game, the data lines just weren't thick or slick enough to handle Jabba's arrival

Hello Holotable Heroes,

In today’s Title Update, we cover things from Jabba to Gamorrean Guard to the new Omicron on Cassian Andor, plus more!

  • Jabba the Hutt: <<PRESS ME, DO IT NOW>>
  • Mods Recalibration News and Information link: <<CLICK ME! IM INFORMATION>>
  • Datacron set three's end date has been extended by 2-days and moved to 11/02
  • Krrsantan's shards are now farmable from Cantina 7-A. They replace Mission Vao shards, which can now be farmed from Light Side 5-D (Hard) alongside Zaalbar shards!
  • Rerun Lando Undercover Marquee Event - Starting 9/22
  • Rerun Krrsantan Marquee Event - Starting 9/22
  • Removed Carbonite Circuit Board and Bronzium Wiring from Relic 8 and Relic 9 recipes.

  • UNIT - Fixed an issue where Thermal Detonators inflicted by Cassian Andor's Crippling Shot did no damage to units who take reduced percent Health damage.
  • GENERAL - Added missing recommended Journey Guide squads for Starkiller and Grand Inquisitor.
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue where Krrsantan's payout icon did not display when his contract ability was not maxed
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue where Gamorrean Guard's Punch Through didn't indicate it used Physical Accuracy/Evasion.
  • GENERAL - Changed description for the Stand Together feat in Conquest
  • TEXT - Krrsantan’s Payout Icon now appears when completing contracts on the first two tiers of the ability
  • General - Enemy Summon appears in incorrect location when summoned during P4 of Heroic Sith Raid

Cassian Andor Omicron Update

Final Text: At the start of each encounter, Rebel allies gain Protection Up (20%) for 3 turns, Rebel Attacker allies gain Defense Up for 3 turns, Rebel Support allies gain Potency Up for 3 turns, and Rebel Tank allies gain Tenacity Up for 3 turns. If K-2SO is present, he gains all of these buffs.

While in Territory Battles: At the start of battle, if all allies are Rogue One, Cassian Andor takes a bonus turn to disguise himself as an enemy character until the end of battle. While disguised, Cassian retains his Unique ability and alignment and is part of the Rogue One faction in addition to his disguise's alignment and faction. At the start of each encounter, all Rebel allies gain Defense Up, Potency Up, and Tenacity Up for 3 turns. Whenever Cassian uses an ability, he gains 12% Turn Meter for each debuffed enemy, he inflicts Ability Block and Buff Immunity for 1 turn and Defense Down and Healing Immunity for 2 turns on target enemy, and K-2SO is called to assist, dealing 97.8% more damage.

Dev Note:
When in Territory Battles with the Omicron upgrade, Cassian Andor will be given a granted ability that transforms him into the specified enemy character, trading his normal abilities for theirs. He continues to be a Light Side, Rebel, Rogue One character while disguised, and he still counts as being Cassian (so he'll still assist K-2SO).
Gamorrean Guard Update

Special 2 - Punch Through (CD: 3)

Old Final Text: Deal Physical damage to target enemy and Expose them for 2 turns.

New Final Text: Dispel buffs, deal Physical damage, and inflict Expose on target enemy for 2 turns.

If the ally in the Leader slot is Hutt Cartel and the target enemy is inflicted with Thermal Detonator or Damage Over Time, remove 20% Turn Meter from them.

NEW NEW NEW Unique 1 - Loyal Enforcer (Zeta, Omicron)

Final Text: At the start of battle, Gamorrean Guard gains 10% Max Health for each other Hutt Cartel ally and a stack of My Kind of Scum. While he is active, enemies have -20% Tenacity.

If the ally in the Leader slot is Jabba the Hutt: While Gamorrean Guard has Defense Up, he gains 50% Critical Avoidance. Whenever Gamorrean Guard loses Taunt, he gains Defense Up for 2 turns and whenever Jabba uses a Special ability, if Gamorrean Guard is Taunting he recovers 20% Health.

If the ally in the Leader slot is Hutt Cartel, whenever another Hutt Cartel ally falls below 70% Health while Gamorrean Guard has Defense Up, he Taunts and gains Protection Up (100%) for 2 turns.

While in Territory Battles: Gamorrean Guard has +50% Critical Avoidance, Defense, and Tenacity. Other Hutt Cartel allies have +50% Max Health and Max Protection. The first time each other Hutt Cartel ally falls below 50% Health, they gain Damage Immunity for 1 turn, which can't be copied, dispelled, or prevented. If the ally in the Leader slot is Hutt Cartel and not Gamorrean Guard, whenever they use an ability, Gamorrean Guard assists.
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