Crosshair - Kit Concept

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Unit Name: Crosshair

Tags - Dark Side, Attacker, Empire, Clone Trooper, Bad Batch

Bad Batch member turned dark during order 66 with Mass Debuff Potential

Basic: 773 Firepuncher Sniper Rifle
FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical Damage to target enemy and inflict Defense down for 2 turns. If this attack Critically hits, deal damage again (Once per turn)

Special 1: "You miss me? How touching." (Cooldown of 10)
Deal Physical Damage to all enemies and if this attack Critically hits, inflict burning and Critical Damage down for 3 turns. If this attack defeats an enemy, inflict blind on all enemies which can’t be prevented, dispelled or resisted. Gain Advantage up for 2 turns. Whenever Crosshair inflicts a debuff, reduce the cooldown of this ability by 1.

Special 2: Devil’s Deal (Cooldown 4)
Call all allies to assist, dealing 20% more damage. If Crosshair’s attack critically hits, stun the target enemy for 2 turns. If the enemy is defeated during this turn by Crosshair and not any other allies, inflict fear on the weakest ally for 1 turn. When this fear expires, inflict Burning, Critical Damage down and Defense down for 2 turns, and their speed is reduced by 10 for each other ally remaining for 2 turns.

Unique 1: Good Soldiers Follow Orders…
FINAL TEXT: (Omicron/Zeta)
Crosshair gains different benefits based on his aligned faction:

  • Bad Batch: At the start of battle, all Bad Batch allies gain Defense up and Translation for 2 turns,
    and inflict Buff Immunity and Expose on the Weakest and Strongest enemies for 2 turns, which
    can’t be dispelled, prevented, or resisted.

  • Empire: At the start of battle, all Empire allies gain Potency Up and Tenacity Up for 2 turns, and
    inflict a damage over time on all enemies for 2 turns and shock on the strongest and weakest ally
    for 2 turns, which can’t be dispelled, prevented, or resisted.

While in Grand Arenas, all empire allies and Bad Batch allies gain both of these benefits for 6 turns, and all enemies gain the debuffs for 6 turns.

Unique 2: Order 66
The cooldown of "You miss me? How touching." is reset if a Bad Batch or Empire ally is defeated, and this attack ignores Protection if there are less than 5 allies on the ally team (excluding summoned allies)
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