How did my Executor lose?

My 7* Executor with r9 Piett was just one-shot by either a 5* Executor with an r8 Piett, or a Malevolence with an r7 Grievous and g12 bug pilots. Are either of these a possibility?

His bug pilots don't even have any 6 dot mods and his Grievious is all 6 dot mods. His r8 Piett, r8 Boba, r5 Bossk, r5 IG-88, and r6 BAM have all 6 dot mods, but his Cad Bane is all 5 dot.

My Piett is r9, bossk is r8, BAM is r7, Cad is r7, Boba is r8 (of course), and IG-88 is r5. They all have 6 dot mods except for BAM to keep Razor Crest from being faster than Xanadu Blood.

Also his Executor abilities are all only level 6. I can't believe his Executor fleet beat mine. Should I report him for cheating?


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