Help me very new player

Can’t get many wins or people how can I get more ships and getting my butt kicked please any help would be appreciated


  • First off, don’t worry- it’ll all come good in time. The game takes a bit of learning & getting used to. That said, a few things can help:
    Pick a team or faction to prioritise & don’t waste resources on characters you’re unlikely to use much (there’s a few early players farming guides to consult)
    Join a guild as soon as you can - good place for advice & the prizes from raids, battles and wars
    Post your ally code here if you want specific advice - people are happy to give it (although some is better than others)
    If you have loads of spare cash, get the Hyperdrive Bundle. But if you want to play for free, it’s very possible to have a great game experience and never spend a cent - so don’t feel pressured to spend if you aren’t totally comfortable with it.
    Just have fun and enjoy playing. You learn from getting beaten too - if you don’t let it get to you.
    May the Force be with you
  • Ally code is 645-634-512
  • Wed_Santa
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    Good. Now, if you haven’t already, register at and that will keep a log of your roster etc that people can look at and advise you on
  • Wed_Santa
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    In the meantime I sent you an Ally invite. If you get allies you can borrow their characters in some modes. Looking at your roster, I’d suggest you think about Phoenix as an early team to farm and also Jedi (to work for Grand Master Yoda) - you’ve got a few already that you can build a team around
  • Just a quick question should I get Jedi knight Anakin higher first or old Ben kenobi also have Ashoka as well
  • Well, you’re probably better getting advice from a newer player (it’s a long time since I was thinking about this & much has changed) but, if you’re going to farm Phoenix, they can get you Emperor Palpatine and also Admiral Thrawn, so there’s less need for old Ben right now (he’s a good character but you won’t need him for a while yet). Then you can focus on Jedi Anakin and Ahsoka who will work well with Jedi & Old Republic teams. Your Qui Gonn will be useful with Anakin once you get to Grand Arena. But check a few of the early game guides for different ideas.
  • I have Kanan Jarus as well
  • Add me as ally.

    I have a galactic legend posted on all game modes where you can borrow a toon from an ally.
    Should help you race through LS, DS and Cantina battles so you can sim them.

    My ally code: 987-579-134
  • Jkane
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    You can add me as well: 779-152-724

    Don't really recall who is currently posted on the various modes. If you have a request, feel free to DM me in game.
  • Should I be working on getting phoenix squadron
  • How do you beat the rancor in the pit first round
  • I reccomend you use a full team of jedi units and make sure there past gear level XI, it all depends on your squad and there gear level
  • Leia wrote: »
    How do you beat the rancor in the pit first round

    Are you in a guild or trying to do it on your own?

    First off, find a guild.

    Or a g12 CLS can clear the rancor raid on his own, I think I recall (not the challenge tier).
  • (I’m guessing OP is in a guild or else they won’t see the Rancor raid.)

    @Leia The thing about all the raids is they are collective - so if you’re struggling, as long as collectively the whole guild pitch in and beats the Rancor you will still get rewards, even if you just do a bit of damage. So try out different rosters. Jedi work well and I found that Nightsisters were really good too, especially once you’ve geared up zombie so she keeps getting eaten (& by doing so powers up Asaaj to do her thing). Rebels too as winterwolves says - but you might be a way off getting Commander Luke, Chewbacca and Han
  • I keep losing a lot in conquest and the arena close to quitting the game
  • That’s a shame. I’m not sure winning is what this game is about. It’s not the sort of game you can ever win because it keeps changing: toons, modes, players all come and go - so if there is a point to it, then that’s whatever you make of it. But, if it doesn’t feel like fun, put it down & go and walk on the good earth. At the risk of sounding too corny, you only master this game when you don’t let it master you.
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    Ally invite sent. Lmk if you need anyone specific as the borrowed toon
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • Din_Djarin01
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    Send me an ally request. I will gladly accept.
    596-773-615. I will be glad to help however I can.
  • Is it worth getting the hyperdrive bundle
  • Leia wrote: »
    Is it worth getting the hyperdrive bundle

    The Hyperdrive bundle is absolutely worth it. Just wait until the next update to buy it, because it will be half the price.
  • It’s half price now
  • You can add me as an ally, 659587195, definitely recommend checking out new player farming guides on YouTube or just googling it, hyperdrive is absolutely worth it for new players, especially at half price
  • Hi, new player too. Feel free to add me as an ally 518-123-371. I'm sure to have more characters eventually.
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