R2-D2 Tips

I need tips on how to beat R2-D2


  • Try YouTube, plenty of guides can be found there
  • It’s maybe a daft question, OP, but have you unlocked Emperor Palpatine? If you have, the R2 event shouldn’t be too hard. What’s your Empire team?
  • ce9fyuiodh77.png
    This is my Empire team(I am planning to replace Tarkin with Thrawn
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    Ok. You’re still a touch light. The team comp is fine (& you don’t really need Thrawn*) but you do need to level them up and gear them up a bit more. Just work on developing your characters and it will be a breeze

    Edit:* you don’t really need Thrawn for this event per se but he is a good choice generally
  • What gear would you suggest???
  • I can’t remember what I used but definitely purple
  • Im Unocking him with a gear 10 vader and palpatine and trash other characters, those two can carry the whole thing
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