Malevolence Second Unique Ability

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Time to Abandon Ship:

If the Malevolence is removed from battle, and if there's a unit slot available, the Soulless One joins the battle.

Soulless One:
Dark Side, Attacker, Separatist, Droid

BASIC: Triple Tap

Deal Physical damage to target enemy, then deal damage again. If the target enemy has any Buffs, deal damage a third time.

SPECIAL: Opportunistic Strike: (Cooldown: 3)

Deal Physical damage to all enemies and inflict Speed Down on all Debuffed enemies for 2 turns. Then, the Soulless One gains Retribution for 2 turns.

UNIQUE: Calculated Cowardice

The Soulless One has +5% Evasion and +5% Critical Avoidance for each enemy with a Buff. For each enemy inflicted with Buzz Droids, the Soulless One has +10% Offense. These effects are re-evaluated at the start of every ship's turn.

At the start of every ship's turn, the Soulless One inflicts Marked on the weakest other Droid or Separatist Ally at the end of their turn.

This will allow the Malevolence to go toe-to-toe with the Raddus, Executor and Profundity
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