Missing Darth Revan fragments

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Hi everybody, i finally complete the DR event but i have also a huge problem...

after tier 6 (the battle with bastila) there was a error code...305 or something ... the battle was done and for the game, after the reset, it was successfully complete.
I turn to tier 7, no problem..everything fine...than i wonder: no animation with "DR unlock" ... i go to the characters and see that 55 fragments of Darth Revan wasn´t there...

The error code has blocked the reward... the support can´t help me ... has anybody an idea? or the same problem?

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    If you try to replay that particular tier?
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    i´ve played the whole event twice.... :/
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    I am afraid there is not way you can make it work then.Only CG can give you a solution.If the support is not willing to help you maybe you should try to message any of the CG guys here.
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    The Answers HQ team is very good about giving out missing shards.
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