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I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm not sure if I am making best use of my team at the moment, or of the direction I am trying to take it in. I can finish GW everyday and I usually finish in the top 30 in arena. Would anyone be able to take a look and provide any recommendations? My main team is Lumi, Sid, JC, IG86 and QGJ and I'm trying to primarily farm Bariss and EK so I can try for Yoda:

Lvl 69

7* Lumi VIII
7* Sid VIII
7* IG-86 VIII
5* Phasma V

Bariss - 58/80
Daka - 18/80
Dooku - 15/50

How I'm spending energy (refill standard energy 2x /day and cantina 1x):
LS/DS - RG, Bariss, Daka, gearing RG/Phasma, Dooku
Cantina - Bariss
Cantina ship - QGJ
Arean ship - EK
GW ship - Phasma


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    Is it worth investing in RG a bit as I'm dropping like 10-20 places on arena overnight. Or will he get pummelled at 3* ?
  • don't know. and yes.

    the meta is shifting soon, you may farm for RG, but by the time you get it to usable which is 5* above, many things may have changed.
  • If the focus is Arena, GS is the one easiest to develop and worth it. Otherwise everything else looks good. If you still make the Arena rank you're happy with, don't worry about drops. I'm 72, make no 1 and drop to the 30s almost every day. Don't focus on the defense, there's no point. Offense is what's important and your goals. JC is the weakest in your squad, replace him with GS or even Eeth. Lumi is enough as the healer and Eeth brings stun to the table.

    If you're in for the long haul, Barris and getting Yoda is a better strategy. Stick with what you're doing. RG will always be good, that auto taunt, stun and health make a real good package. Minimum stars to be usable depends on the opponents you face, mine's 5 stars and still unusable in my shard.
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    Yer was thinking I need to replace JC in my main line up. Was working on GS to do that, but I switched away from farming GS once I opened the Bariss cantina node at lvl 69. Maybe I should switch back, finish GS, and then focus on Bariss...although maybe I'll just unlock her first so I can start gearing and lvling her, and then switch back.

    I'm thinking I might move away from RG for a while. I'd like to focus on making Phasma viable as I'm starring her steadily through GW shipments. So it makes sense.
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    But I guess all this may change following the latest, soon to be, game changes! :)
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