Update 10/12/2022

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Hello Holotable Heroes,

Today’s Update kicks off the special events for our recent Extra Life fundraiser! Congratulations on raising so much money for a great cause! This Update also adds an Omicron ability tier to Omega's kit. Finally, there are also a few minor bug fixes and we have added Jabba the Hutt missions to existing Dark Side Territory Battles.


New Omicron: Omega
Omega has a new Omicron tier added to her Part of the Squad Unique ability, which boosts Bad Batch allies in Territory Battles and should especially help in taking down the pesky Reek.

This upgrade provides Bad Batch allies with extra sustainability through additional Max Health, Bonus Protection at the start of encounter, and reduced damage from percent Health effects. Omega will also deal damage more times with her Basic ability, bursting through droid battalion stacks and increasing the overall damage output for the team. This new ability tier for Omega is available for upgrade with the Omicron material now.

Unique 1 - Part of the Squad
New Final Text: At the start of the encounter, if all allies are Bad Batch, whenever the allied leader begins their turn, Omega gains 5 Speed and 2% Offense (stacking, max 50 Speed and 20% Offense) for the rest of the encounter.

While Omega has Stealth, she has +10% Critical Damage, and when another Bad Batch ally uses a Special ability, Omega assists, dealing 60% less damage. While Omega has Defense Up, she has +10% Critical Chance.

Omega's attacks deal 5% more damage for each buff she has and 5% more damage for each debuff the enemy has.

While in Territory Battles: At the start of battle, all Bad Batch allies gain Max Health equal to 10% of their Max Protection for each of their own Relic Amplifier levels (max 100%). Then, they lose all Protection. Bad Batch allies take reduced damage from percent Health damage effects. These bonuses last until the first time Omega is defeated.

At the start of each encounter, Bad Batch allies gain 10% bonus Protection for each of Omega's Relic Amplifier levels. Whenever Omega uses her Basic ability, she deals damage again for each other Bad Batch ally, dealing 50% less damage.

  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue that could cause the Critical Chance Mod Challenge to crash.
  • GENERAL - Lando’s Starter Bundle was using the wrong bundle art.
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