Fleet Arena: Championship style rather than time based


I'm quite new to the game and like both GAC as well as the Fleet Arena. I strongly believe though that the Fleet Arena would be better if it was a championship of some sort rather than based on a snapshot of position at a specific time.

Disadvantages of the current Fleet Arena relying on order at a specific time:
  • Result depending purely on a fact whether you can play in specific 20-30 minutes. Would be probably OK if majority of players were children but discouraging for adults (with money).
  • Based on luck who will be able to start the battle latest in the last five minutes, but early enough to be able to finish before full hour and earlier than others attacking yourself.
  • Players that agreed on who will be on which post and attacking everybody else. Frustrating to fight them. Commonly referred to as shard mafias.
  • Cheaters, players with ungeared pilots beating everybody else. Frustrating and annoying. Difficult to prove with ad-hoc battles and without record of battles like in championship.

What is great about the Fleet Arena and should be kept:
  • Shard based, even new players can achieve top placement.
  • High rewards for high effort.

How it could look like?
  • Simpler, more fast-paced than GAC, to be similar to the current form. For example there could be no setup phase. Just to prepare the best fleet and both attack as well as defend with it. Without knowing upfront the oponent's fleet but being able to see what the oponent used last time or last three or five times.
  • Result would be simple win or loss, no flags or other complications.
  • I imagine there are people who love the current form of the Fleet Arena. Both forms could exist in paralel and each player could choose to join either championship or the original Fleet Arena. Just one of them to avoid excessive concentration of payouts and also to have something for everybody.
  • Championship form and matchmaking: There is endless number of approaches known from traditional sports as well as esports. Simple win/loss like in GAC could be OK if players who join and not show up were reasonably penalized.

Wow, this is much longer than I thought it would be. But however long, this proposal or food for thought is driven by genuine interest to improve the game I like and the game mode I like. I'm quite successful in the current Fleet Arena, top five for several weeks, but I grow more and more frustrated by its shortcomings described above.

Thank you for considering this. I'm open to discussion, brainstorming of ideas if there is any interest for it.
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