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I’m ina new player currently level 42
I have run out of sim tickets as grinding phoenix also starting to get to an pint where DS and LS are getting competitive whilst I can only reach so for in galatic
Am I doing something wrong or literally do I just keep grinding?


  • Keep grinding. Eventually you’ll reach a point where you have more sim tickets than you could ever use. I’m approaching 250k
  • you need to hit level 60 and unlock fleets, I believe its the fleet payout or daily battle that gives all the sim tickets you will ever need
  • Flux is correct.

    It's also important to see this in context. Right now you can't engage in many of the time-consuming activities that CG has scheduled for you. Conquest, for example.

    By design, they want you do have things to do where you're actually fighting battles -- if for no other reason than to get used to the kits of the toons you've got. Eventually you've got to know those so that you can use them in Galactic Battles: War (typically just called "Galactic War" b/c that is how it was originally named) Galactic Battles: Conquest (just "Conquest") Galactic Challenges, territory battles, and one raid. (You usually only have the roster to meaningfully participate in a single raid. By the time you can really do damage in the Tank raid, for instance, you can solo the Rancor and so should everyone in your guild, which means you'll be simming it. Depending on your luck in getting into a good guild, though, you might not have any raids in which you can meaningfully participate since both Rancor and HAAT might both be on sim.)

    The Sim tickets aren't really designed for your convenience now. They're designed so that later on when you do have all those other things to do, you don't have to fight these battles over and over. But you're not allowed to save time on this stuff until you're eligible to spend your time on other stuff. Gotta keep you busy!

    So, yeah. This is by design, but by design it will get better. You will be in a serious of awkward places between now and level 85, but in a few months, when you get there, you'll be eligible for everything for which you have the toons (some events like Assault Battles will require specific toons to be 7* before you can access higher tiers). Then you'll be busy with Conquest and Territory Battles and TW and thinking about fighting and winning LS & DS battles to pick up shards will be a thing of the past.

    in the meantime, don't forget that you can auto most of these battles. Only the ones that are at the bitter edge of your capacity to win should be played manually, and you can auto these as well if you have the right allies.

    I hope you've been asking for more powerful allies to help make these early battles as easy as possible?
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