Didn’t Receive Hondo Ohnaka Shards After Completing Event Tier and Support Was No Help.

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When the Hondo Ohnaka event started, I played as any usual character event but this time I had an issue where when I completed tier II, it said I had lost my connection and needed to restart the game. I did and when I got back on, it showed I completed the tier but I didn’t receive my 10 Hondo shards. I played the rest of the tiers thinking maybe I was wrong but when I still came up 10 short, I contacted support for assistance. All I got was a weeks worth of back and forths regarding information gathering, finally getting to actually talk about the issue just to be told multiple times you’ve completed all tiers and received all your shards, and finally, after learning how to do a screen video shot including the date and showing my completed tiers and still being 10 shards short, was told they weren’t the developers and just support so they couldn’t change anything. Has anyone else had issues like this and actually found a resolution to them? And are there any developers here on the forums who could address this since EA support apparently can’t and say only developers can?
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    Some people had similar experiences when the game closed/lost connection with other characters or ships. The only way this can be resolved is that you get lucky and a CM or dev sees this and helps you out.
    As a last resort you might also try the bug report section here on the forums.

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    The Answers HQ team can usually handle missing shards.
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