Suggestions on current team

Hello guys, any suggestions on my current team what I should go for to grind or what to replace?

Current squad for arena:
Lumi 6*
Vader 4*
Consular 5*
Sidious 5*
Daka 4*

Chars I have left:
Leia 4*, Qui Gon 4*, HK47 4*, Maul 4*, Savage 4*, Tarkin 4*, Jedi Guardian 4*, Chewy 5*, Dooku 4*, Datcha 4*

Any tips are welcome!




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    Your squad is pretty solid - i wouldn't change anything for now. Star up your squad and perhaps if you can star up Dooku, he can replace Vader at the latter stage of the game. Vader is good but is hard to promote, and Dooku stared up is a beast. QGJ is nice but he is hard to get so i would recommend upgrade your current team and get some stars for the old count
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    3 healers seem too much. I suggest keep farming daka and lumi but drop out JC and replace it with Luke/Kylo from cantina fight. This way you have higher dps and good utilities from Luke/Kylo
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    I just got Maul on 5* and Luke on 4* today so maybe add one of these?
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