Deciduous Jawas - 149M GP - Friendly Guild Looking for Active Members! 8 WAT/13 DS Geo/6 LS Geo

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Deciduous Jawas - 149M GP -

Hello Holotable Players! We Jawas are a dedicated laid-back guild, transitioning into being more active in TB and TW.

We are looking for dedicated players who have solid rosters, are fairly active, and are willing to grow with us!

What we offer
  • DS Geo 13 stars - 8 Wat shards
  • LS Geo 6 stars
  • Every other TB we swap between LS Geo and LS Hoth for those who need ROLO and MK1 shards.
  • Discord for advice, team-building, and shenanigans
  • Good history of TW's, highest win streak was 13!
  • All Heroic Raids and simmed Raids. CPit is not a priority at the moment, but we get around 30% phase 1
  • A friendly guild to grow with and learn about the game!.

Guild Guidelines
  • WAT ready Geos or working towards Wat ready Geos
  • Looking for players with 1M GP or higher! Exceptions are of course made for exceptional rosters
  • TB is mandatory
  • TW is optional but highly preferred, more active members = more Zetas for everyone!
  • If you know you're going to be inactive for awhile, let us know, we'll save your spot!
  • We are lenient with inactivity, because things happen in life! However, we will likely look for a replacement after 1-2 weeks of inactivity.

We are a public guild so feel free to look us up in guild search and hop right in. Hope to see you join the Deciduous Jawas!
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