Update 10/26/2022

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Hello Holotable Heroes,

Mini Update today.


  • Corrected an issue where Ben Solo's Family Legacy wasn't correctly dealing true damage to all enemies if he met the start of battle conditions
  • Fixed an issue where a Rebel Support Cargo Ship under a Profundity lead could deal its bonus true damage to target enemy if it received damage from concussion mines
  • Corrected requirements strings for Separatist Might phases 3 and 4 to say "Dark Side"

Known Issues
  • Description of the effects of SLKR and Krrsantan does not match the documentation
  • The feat "Noxious Fumes" incorrectly says that "I Will Protect You" gives the data disk Caustic Recourance. The feat that gives Caustic Recourance is "A New Hope"

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