Light side 2 hard node characters

Ewok Scout
Aka Scout

Overall rating: 1/4 (no real uses)
New player summary: skip

Why build: Don’t. There are seven Ewoks and only five are needed. Chirpa, Elder, Paploo, Wicket, Logray are the usual five to build for the C-3PO event and as a team.
Where acquired: LS2A
The good: He hits reasonably hard.
The bad: Wicket is much better in the same role.


  • First Order Stormtrooper
    Aka FOST

    Overall rating: 2/4 (niche uses)
    New player summary: skip

    Why build: Required as crew member for KRCS which is required for Finalizer. Finalizer and FOST himself are required for SLKR. He can technically also be used to unlock BB-8, required for JTR (needed for JML and Rey) and Rey directly, but he’s a poor choice if only building 5 FO characters.
    Where acquired: LS2B, DS2A
    The good: He’s a second tank for First Order and a good option for some SLKR team comps that also use Hux and need to be all First Order.
    The bad: He’s substantially worse than the other First Order tank, KRU.
  • Ewok Elder
    Aka Elder

    Overall rating: 3/4 (solid character)
    New player summary: skip until building Ewoks

    Why build: Five Ewoks are required to unlock C-3PO and he is the best Ewok. 3PO is required for GAS (in turn required for LV), JKL, JML, and Jabba.
    Where acquired: LS2C, Guild Store (Avg)
    The good: Turn meter gain on his basic attack is what makes the Ewok squad work. Heals, cleanses, and revives other characters.
    The bad: Ewoks aren’t really good for anything but the C-3PO event.
  • Moff Gideon
    Aka Gideon

    Overall rating: 3/4 (solid character)
    New player summary: recommended, but better at higher levels

    Why build: fun plug and play character that messes with turn meter, even better with other troopers but can be used in any squad.
    Where acquired: LS2D, Cantina 4E
    The good: Removes all turn meter and then gives some back to your side, inflicts potent automatic debuff the first time he acts that reduces enemy damage.
    The bad: His abilities aren’t nearly as good at low level. He’s a great support, but he doesn’t do that much by himself.
  • Mace Windu
    Aka Mace, Windu, BAMF

    Overall rating: 3/4 (Solid character)
    New player summary: Build

    Why build: Solid tank for a Jedi or Galactic Republic (e.g. Padme) team. Used to be bad, post-rework is very solid, especially in TW with Omicron. Easy Jedi to build to unlock Grand Master Yoda, and Mace is required for Jedi Master Kenobi.
    Where Acquired: LS2E, Squad Arena Store
    The Good: Reactively “taunts” when others are damaged - isn’t technically a taunt so stops characters that ignore taunts. Targeted assist call restores protection.
    The Bad: His ship is easily the worst capital ship in the game.
  • Talia
    Aka (no nicknames)

    Overall rating: 2/4 (niche uses)
    New player summary: skip

    Why build: The usual 5th Nightsister for the Assault battle.
    Where Acquired: LS2F, Cantina 1G, Guild Store
    The Good: Water of Life special removes debuffs and grants turn meter.
    The Bad: There are other better Nightsister healers and her only real perk is the status cleanse.
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