Request for “official” comment on squeeze, GAC league and division targets

Hi - is there any way we could get some kind of idea of your target sizes for leagues? I know we won’t change policy, but communication would be great.

With banner squeeze, we’ve dropped from ~80k players in kyber (and 8.7k in kyber 1 back in March, to now 49k players in kyber and 4075 in kyber 1 this week. The total number of people pushing join on GAC hasn't moved that much in that same time. This is starting to demoralize players when high end rosters keep getting pushed further down the ranks - the best people can do keeps getting worse and worse.

If we had some sense of the logic behind this, and where we could expect the ever shrinking target zone to stop, then we could get used to whatever the new normal is going to be, and there would be less frustration at the beginning of each GAC cycle.

So for example - we understand the error correction when you cut k1 in half after the first month when you went from 20% to 10% of kyber.

And I would have understood dropping kyber to 20% of active GAC players, it’s 1 of 5 divisions. Frustrating, since it punishes top end rosters for continuing to join, but understandable.

But kyber is down to 16% now, and 1.6% in k1 - why? And where does it end?


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