Farm Strategie

hello mates, I just don't know how to proceed with me. JKR I'm almost through. It's my turn for GAS. But what happens now or afterwards? Should I already go to a GL? It would be really nice if you could help me. Here is my link


  • Hmmmmmmmmm as nobody else has replied, I will.

    Should you already be going for a GL? I don't know.

    I mean I didn't/haven't for a long long time, but that was definitely a mistake in hindsight.

    I think having these core teams before going to a GL is definitely a valid tactic. You have some really nice teams.

    If you've started working on GAS, then I'd finish it. However, you'll then have CLS, Padme, Geos, Gas, Jedi, Droids and Empire? It's definitely definitely time to go for GL and probably followed by another.
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