player looking for guild

Hello all,
Currentky have a guild, but a lonely one with no other members than me. Convince me why I should join yours and give up control of rewards from current events.

Ally-Code: 774-926-455
Link to n/a
Galactic Power: 1.26M
Character/Ship GP: 800k character, 400k ships
Player Level: 85
Number of 7*: 26
Number of 6*: 29 ( should be +1, glitch on Tier Vi of Daring Droid at 2022-09-21 update and been going back & forth with EA help ticket for a month on that....)
Number of 5*: 25
Average Arena Rank: 1,900 / 270
Type of play: regular user
Time-zone: Eastern time zone, northAm, UTC -5h


  • If you'd like, you could join Yologans. We do all Heroic Raids (no CPit yet). We have a great TW record. We run light side Hoth TB (33*) and DS Geo TB (11*/10 Wat Shards). 136 million GP with 37 members.
  • Message sent in game
  • 756 746 636 I'm looking to join a guild tank takedown simmed pit simmed ..600 daily tickets TB required....I'm a try hard player will be active everyday.... Looking for guild that does hoth LS Ds...Geo wat shards ...
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