Rebel Force Jebat Msia (440m+ GP, ✨33 stars RotE, 80+% TW win) is looking for competitive players

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Last updated: 2023/02/12
Rebel Force Jebat Msia
Part of the Rebel Force Alliance

We are a fun-loving and competitive guild with members from all around the world - Malaysia, Singapore, US, Europe, Australia etc. We are running RotE TB twice per month.
(Yes we are still looking. We will make space)

Our stats:
  • 440m+ GP when we're full
  • RotE: ✨33 stars. 11x Reva shards (12 GIs)
  • TW: 80+% win rate
  • CPit time: rotates between 9am and 9pm ET
  • HSTR time: rotates between 8am and 8pm ET
  • [For historical purposes] LS Geo: 32 stars. 40-45 KAM || DS Geo: 33 stars with SM focus

What we are looking for (we are willing to consider players who fall a bit short on some criteria but are willing to work on them):
  • 600 tickets
  • Active in all game modes
  • GL: 5+
  • Exec: 7*
  • GP: 8m+
  • Preferably Reva Ready
  • Mod score: 4+
  • GAC: Kyber 2 or higher
  • Datacrons: Put in the effort to farm them (at least 3x Conquest energy refreshes per day). No whaling required
  • Responsive and communicative on Discord
  • Not afraid to ask for help/clarification
  • Willing to follow guild farming list

If you are interested, DM me or drop by our alliance's recruitment server:

Rebel Force Jebat Msia (440+m GP, 33* RotE, 80+% TW win) is recruiting!
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