How does tie work?

Hey, so this last gac we both had 874, but i got lost and he got win. So how does this work? It made me kinda angry.


  • Highest GP wins
  • How do TIEs work?

    An ion thruster ionizes propellant by adding or removing electrons to produce ions. Most thrusters ionize propellant by electron bombardment: a high-energy electron (negative charge) collides with a propellant atom (neutral charge), releasing electrons from the propellant atom and resulting in a positively charged ion.

    As ions pass between the grids, they are accelerated toward a negatively charged electrode (the accelerator grid) to very high speeds (up to 90,000 mph). The positively charged ions are accelerated out of the thruster as an ion beam, which produces thrust.

    That's how a single ion engine works. Twin Ion Engines work in parallel.
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