Casual Players Wanted!


We need players that would like to get decent rewards and not get raked over the coals for missing the odd event. We need players that are looking to build their accounts the way they want to build them. We need players that want to participate in all of the events And players that are grown up enough to do it without being prompted. We offer all historic raids, Pit and Tank on Sim, however we are having fun with Pit for braggers rights)-Sith RAID is Complete 2-4 hours.(Plenty of time to rank) We are pulling in 35-40 stars in TB Hoth pending participation and 16-18 in DS GEO. TW’s (Won the last 6 out of 7 with a new layout!) normally facing guilds 20-50 mil higher GP. (Thanks EA for your very equal match making/shame on sandbagging guilds) We are part of the LCW Alliance, so there are always opportunities to advance and move to a competitive guild if you get the itch! We are a 175 mil guild (45 members) and would like to acquire 2.5 mil GP accounts, however if you are a bit below and an active player,.. just drop on in! We are looking for 8 new members,... we want to fill spots permanently and shake up a few others! We are also understanding and we highly support “Life comes first president!”
Here we are:
Here is our Alliance:
Here is the direct to us Discord:

We look forward to seeing you there!!!


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