NL Team NL- Serious guild looking for underdogs

NL Team NL

NL Team NL is a mainly Dutch speaking guild that can easily communicate to you in English if needed. We are made up of members who participate with maximum effort in all events.

-310 Million+ GP when full (291 m GP right now)

-LS Geo: 17 Stars (7 Kam shards and pushing for more)

-DS Geo: 30 Stars (35+ Wat Shards)

-CPit: 3:00 PM ET

-HSTR: 12:30 PM ET Farm

-Pit and AAT: 1:00 PM ET Sim

Requirements to join: (any amount of these can be overlooked if you excel in certain other requirements)

≈600 Raid Tickets daily

-1 LS GL

-Multiple good teams for LS Geo TB

-5 Million Gp

-Use Discord (mandatory)

-Active Participation in all game modes

Contact (briandoornbos1#3267) on discord or message 517-569-927 in game if you’re interested in joining.
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