How much to relic Omega?

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There have been a lot of questions about how many relic levels Omega needs for her Omicron to make BB reliable in the KAM mission. We ran an experiment at 50SoK specifically to test this. I dropped the Omicron on my Omega, left her at r4 (I would have reverted a relic tier if I could have) and put on relatively junk mods. They were at least mods the characters could use (attackers got attacker mods, etc.) but almost all the mods were 5-dot. Then we chose not to use Brilliant Idea in the opening.

This video is the result. If it helps you make up your mind about how many relic resources you want to devote to your Omega, it will have done its job:

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  • Thanks Seedy - passing this on to my guild mates that were curious about this.
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