Why only 1 toon in Squad Arena battle?

Hi, I'm a new player (level 82 at the moment). I notice in squad arena that sometimes there is only 1 toon instead of a whole squad available to battle? Why is that? I have seen this about 3 times in the 2 months I have been playing.


  • What I mean to say is that I bring in my squad of 5 to battle just 1 toon, and win easily. Why would someone just put up one toon to battle others instead of a full squad?
  • There are some Arena win related Quests. So to complete them you may need to demote. That's likely the reason. Or it could be they were testing something and using Arena to do it.
  • Or because squad arena really doesn't matter anymore so there's no need to put your best team. I've been using my Starkiller squad for a couple of months because I enjoy using them, and gives my shard mates a chance to play against a fairly uncommon team (sans omicrons, so it doesn't really translate 100% to GAC)
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