Grandmofftokin is recruiting guild is 179 mil

We are recruiting one player for our guild. We do all heroic raids and sometimes the geonosian territory battle. We are looking for a new recruit to have 3 million plus. GL’s are a bonus. You have the option to participate in a discord for the guild which is recommended. We have competitive players and relaxed players. No pay to win players.
Guild rules are as follows, 1. Respect every one and an officers order. 2. No inactivity for 10 days with out a heads up to an officer. 3. Follow all prompts as posted in territory wars for minimum fleet and squad placements. No squads are to be posted that have no synergy. 4. Have fun at it.
Our guild discord link is posted at the bottom and the operations officers are maddiethejedi, Viscid and Goadster. Direct any questions to one of us for we are your main point of contact.
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